To prepare for SOND building a retail alcohol sample program should be a top priority. In the first part of our series on building sampling program for SOND, Todd Richman, National Sales Director for Tastings at Overproof, dives into the three steps for planning your ideal alcohol sampling program in retail stores.


In the second part of our SOND series, Richman discusses the benefits of independent and chain retailers for in-store alcohol samples. He touches on the differences between sampling programs in chain and independent stores, as well as the pros and cons of each approach.


In the final video of our series, Richman breaks down the keys to executing and analyzing your retail alcohol sample program. Richman reveals how your talent can effectively pitch your alcohol brand while serving samples in a retail setting. He also touches on best practices for tracking and reporting your sample data.


Park Street suppliers who sign up for Tastings by Overproof by August 31, 2023 receive $40 off their first month of Tastings.


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