Freight & Logistics Management

Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Order Fulfillment & More


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics planning and management is a crucial component of any successful alcoholic beverage business. Park Street’s expert team and network of best-in-class vendors ensures smooth transport and storage of product. As an add-on service, Park Street also offers upstream supply chain logistics to coordinate dry goods, bulk wine or spirits, and more.

  • International ocean freight
  • International ground freight
  • International expedited air freight
  • Customs brokerage
  • Bonded and climate controlled warehousing in strategic locations (NY, NJ, FL, CA, E.U.)
  • Insurance
  • Supply-chain optimization
  • Product consolidation
  • Supplier coordination
Park Street’s team is pro-active in managing our back-office. They anticipate situations, have great attention to detail, and are highly responsive.
Josh Hackler
CEO, Spanish Vines
Helped us manage a complicated supply chain from sourcing to bottling to warehousing—all on time and on budget.
Raul Marmol
Co-Founder, Eppa Wine Co.
Former CMO, Bacardi

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

Park Street manages all aspects of distributor and retailer order fulfillment in the U.S. and E.U. and provides customer service and relationship management to ensure smooth transactions with distributors and retailers.

  • Sales to distributors/control boards in all 50 U.S. states and the E.U.
  • Sales to retailers in key strategic U.S. markets (NY, NJ, FL, CA)
  • Purchase order processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Pick-up and delivery coordination (open and control states)
  • Inventory and warehouse control
  • Sales broker management
  • Sample management
  • Control state inventory tracking
  • Customer service and relationship management


Park Street’s export solutions enable suppliers to access markets beyond the U.S. and E.U. For example, non-U.S. suppliers are able to utilize free trade zones at select U.S. ports to service regional and sub-regional markets (e.g., Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America).

We are impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of everyone at Park Street. They take ownership of the work.
Jorge Gutierrez
Former President, Whyte & Mackay Americas
Park Street is incredibly professional and service oriented. They have been instrumental in the growth of our company.
Aleco Azqueta
Co-Founder, Atlantico Rum

European Union

Park Street provides suppliers a turn-key solution to access the European Union (E.U.) through its E.U. Services Program. The E.U. markets are supported via Park Street’s Navigator platform, which enables suppliers to manage their E.U. activities with the same tools and transparency available for the U.S. market. The E.U. business is staged out of Park Street’s warehouse in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is serviced by Park Street’s team of trained Account Managers, Compliance Specialists, Logistics Managers, and Accounting Staff. As a result, suppliers are able to sell into E.U. member countries quickly and without having to make significant upfront investments in infrastructure, regulatory compliance, logistics, IT systems, and more.

National Importing

Park Street’s National Importing is a cost-effective, turn-key solution to bring alcoholic beverages into the U.S. in compliance with all federal alcoholic beverage control laws and tax requirements. Park Street manages all of the complex details from the point the product is picked up at the producer until it is delivered to one of Park Street’s U.S. warehouses or other approved location.

I know what my costs are going to be every month without any surprise sales expenses or mandatory marketing contributions.
Guillermo Erickson Sauza
Founder, Tequila Fortaleza

Operations, Logistics, Warehousing & More For Alcohol Brands

As a leading alcohol importer in the USA, Park Street provides thousands of suppliers with operations-related services. Whether you’re looking for supply chain logistics for alcohol, beverage distributor fulfillment, alcohol warehousing or any other shipping and warehousing services for your brand, we can help. We have specialized in every aspect throughout the supply chain as well as other operations. Find out more about Park Street and why many well established as well as new emerging alcohol brands choose us.

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