A huge advantage to our business.
Robert Bradshaw
President/COO, Cape Classics
Park Street is best in class.
Tom Mooney
CEO, House Spirits
President, ACSA
A fraction of what it would cost us
Ataru Kobayashi
CEO, Niigata Sake

About Park Street

Park Street delivers productivity-enhancing and cost-saving back-office solutions, advisory services, and working capital to more than 1,000 alcoholic beverage brands from the U.S. and around the world. The company was launched in 2003 and is headquartered in Miami, FL with operations across the U.S. and E.U. Park Street was founded by McKinsey & Company alumni and is led by executives with long-standing industry relationships and decades of experience with global beverage companies.

The firm’s major practice areas are 1) Back-Office Solutions, including regulatory compliance, logistics, national importing, distribution, warehousing, order-fulfillment, accounting, customer service, and more; 2) Advisory Services, including business building, route-to-market planning, organizational effectiveness, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, negotiation support, and more; 3) Working Capital in the form of early payment solutions. With its extensive expertise in the alcoholic beverage sector, Park Street provides suppliers comprehensive, turn-key solutions across its practices areas, all within the context of exceptional professional service delivery.

Park Street’s commitment to responsive service, innovation, and pro-active problem-solving makes them a great partner for emerging and established brands.
Paul Hletko
Founder, Few Spirits
Board Member, ACSA

Executive Leadership

Harry Kohlmann, Ph.D. – Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Chris Mehringer – Founder/President

Park Street was founded in 2003 and is led by Dr. Harry Kohlmann and Mr. Chris Mehringer, who serve as Chief Executive Officer and President, respectively, in which capacities they oversee all aspects of the company’s operations and growth, including business development, strategy, innovation, and supplier services.

Formerly, Dr. Kohlmann was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company where he worked extensively in the fast moving consumer goods sector in North America and Europe with a specialty in alcoholic beverages. Dr. Kohlmann has advised leading global beverage companies on topics ranging from new product initiatives, operational effectiveness, and growth strategies to acquisitions and portfolio management. Dr. Kohlmann holds an M.B.A. and Ph.D. (Economics) from Germany’s University of Cologne. He is fluent in English and German

Formerly, Mr. Mehringer served as president of a national consumer products distribution company, where he oversaw all aspects of operations and growth and developed and maintained strategic relationships with Fortune 500 consumer products companies. The company was acquired by Sanare. Mr. Mehringer is a founding member of the board of directors of the Developing Minds Foundation and an advisor at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Mr. Mehringer holds an M.P.P. from Harvard University and a B.A. from Wesleyan University.

From its executive leadership to its support staff, Park Street maintains a results-driven, professional services culture.

They understand what it means to innovate because they’ve done it—they’ve innovated the back-office service business like no one else.
Silvio Leal
Co-Founder, byejoe
Former Managing Director, Allied Domecq

The Park Street Advantage

Innovation through Information Technology Investment

Park Street offers a compelling combination of advanced systems, professional service, and alcoholic beverage sector expertise.
Nick Garland
Global Sales & Marketing Director, Whyte & Mackay

Commitment to Extraordinary Service

Park Street is an expert at back-office operations. They have a highly trained and responsive staff that is constantly on top of inventory, order fulfillment, and receivables.
John Cooper
Founder, Domaine de Canton

Unmatched Range of Fully Integrated Solutions

Park Street enables us to focus our resources on strategic priorities rather than complex back-office administration and regulatory compliance.
Malte Barnekow
CEO, The 86 Co.
Former Managing Director, Pernod Ricard

Park Street invests heavily in technology-driven systems to streamline back-office operations and provide suppliers performance-enhancing business management tools. The company was founded on the professional service standards of McKinsey & Company, and Park Street’s talented people distinguish the firm through their responsiveness, accountability, and commitment to putting suppliers’ interests first. The company offers a fully integrated solution across front- and back-office services, working capital investment, and advisory services. With more than sixty-five years of combined experience among its senior management team and expertise in operations, strategy, information technology, finance, and deal structuring and negotiation, Park Street is able to help suppliers overcome challenges, accelerate growth, and capitalize on opportunities.

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