Consumers aren’t all alcohol connoisseurs; many rely on labels to inform their in-store purchase decisions. In this Essential Talk, Cole Clark,  President of AmygdaLaunch, wants to help brands optimize their approach to labeling to help drive purchase decisions.  Clark discusses the implications of label data and how beverage alcohol brands can interpret the findings.

In this episode, you’ll hear from:

Cole Clark, President, AmygdaLaunch

You’ll hear key insights about:

  • The key factors for how successful labels can help drive purchases.  Clark dives into the importance of assessing data on different label aspects to ensure success using descriptive terms, color combinations, and contrast. Ultimately, he wants brands to create a  label that reflects the values of their target consumer.
  •  How certain labels perform given seasonality factors. Clark investigates a case study from a major wine supplier that noticed a stark change in label preferences based on the time of year.

Mentioned in this episode:


2023 Craft Spirits Data Project – Distillers Survey

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