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Baptiste Cuvelier
Export Manager, Cuvelier Los Andes

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    I unconditionally recommend Park Street. If you have a brand that you want to get into the U.S., Park Street will help you every step of the way.
    Neil Everitt
    CEO, Brockmans Gin Former CEO, Allied Domecq
    Park Street’s team helps us to navigate through the complex U.S. compliance and logistic system at a very competitive price. They are a true asset to help us grow our brand and business while opening new markets.
    Enguerrand Baijot
    Managing Director, Champagne Lanson
    With Park Street we saw an opportunity to reduce cost and increase efficiency in the U.S. back-office. Park Street offers a compelling combination of advanced systems, professional service, and alcoholic beverage sector expertise.
    Nick Garland
    CCO, Whyte & Mackay
    With Park Street as our back- office provider, our team can focus on growing our brands. The results are evident in our increased sales and our pipeline ahead. It was an amazing decision to go with Park Street.
    Tunch Doker
    Co-Founder/President, Turquoise Life Former Moet Hennessy
    Park Street enabled us to scale very quickly as we opened markets across the U.S. They helped us manage a complicated supply chain from sourcing to bottling to warehousing and were integral in the sale of the brand to Deutsch.
    Raul Marmol
    Co-Founder, Eppa Wine Former CMO, Bacardi USA
    Working with Park Street is one of the few must do items for founders who want to succeed in the U.S. They have turnkey back-office solutions and are fully dedicated to client service. Park Street’s team is a pleasure to work with.
    Dan Gasper
    COO, Distill Ventures
    Park Street’s commitment to responsive service, innovation, and pro-active problem-solving makes them a great partner for emerging and established brands. We enjoy working with their team.
    Paul Hletko
    Founder, Few Spirits Former President, ACSA
    I’ve worked with Park Street for close to a decade. The founders have tremendous integrity, and the company consistently executes at a superior level. They are true innovators.
    Hans Holst
    Chairman, Aligned Beverage Former GM, Diageo
    During the critical times of our business, Park Street has been there to assist us, including direct access to the President and CEO. Park Street is a substantial value-creator.
    Bailey Pryor
    Founder/CEO, The Real McCoy Rum Emmy-winning Director
    Park Street streamlined our launch and saved us a lot of time, frustration, and money. Highly responsive, professional, and enjoyable to work with.
    Bob Gaudreau
    CEO North America, Provence Rose Group Former EVP, Regus
    Park Street is an engaged and proactive compliance and logistics partner. Their amazing team and dynamic, real-time reporting have freed us up to focus on sales and ramp up growth.
    Matt Milner
    President, Back Bar Project
    Park Street enables us to focus our resources on strategic priorities rather than managing the complexities of administration and regulatory compliance. They are doing things in our industry that are sorely lacking.
    Malte Barnekow
    CEO, The 86 Co. Managing Director, Pernod Ricard
    Park Street provides transparent, real-time data which helped drive the growth of our brand and ultimately its acquisition by Heaven Hill. A great asset during the Heaven Hill transaction and subsequent transition.
    John Cooper
    Founder, Domaine de Canton
    Park Street has an outstanding IT platform that gave us a high degree of transparency. Emphasis on service and strong capabilities make them a superior solution for brands that want to focus on growth. Park Street is best in class.
    Tom Mooney
    CEO, House Spirits Former President, ACSA
    With Park Street, we were able to put all of our resources into programming and sales and had full control over the process. Leadership is accessible and team is great.
    Ian Jones
    GM, McWilliam’s Wines
    Park Street enables me to control inventory and payments, which is a key benefit over traditional importers. Park Street also has lower costs than traditional importers, which allows me to access the market with better pricing.
    Baptiste Cuvelier
    President, Cuvelier Los Andes
    I am consistently impressed with Park Street’s scope of services and dedication to client success. They have a solution for everything back- office-related and are relentless in helping clients overcome challenges.
    John Palatella
    President, Campeon Tequila Former EVP, Patrón
    Park Street is a small brand’s dream come true. Their back- office services allow us to focus on growing our brand. Their working capital solutions helped us scale quickly and use our capital much more efficiently.
    John Rexer
    President, Ilegal Mezcal
    Enabled us to accelerate our rollout at less cost. The team is highly knowledgeable and responsive at all levels. Also a massive resource for larger strategic decisions. I couldn’t regard them more highly.
    Jamie Duff
    Founder, Stolen Rum
    We needed to ramp-up quickly for co-founder Bruno Mars’s world tour. Park Street introduced us to sales resources and allowed us to scale. Park Street is a fantastic solution.
    Robert Herzig
    Founder, SelvaRey Rum
    Park Street is an expert at back-office operations. They have a highly trained and responsive staff that is constantly on top of inventory, order fulfillment, and receivables.
    John Cooper
    Founder, Domaine de Canton
    Park Street has been an efficient solution for our company to manage our import and distribution in North America, allowing our resources to be focused on the growth of our business.
    Benjamin Jones
    Director, Rhum Clement/Rhum J.M.
    Park Street is a great platform for brands looking to accelerate growth. We scaled nationwide in a very short period of time. They worked overtime to help us succeed.
    Bradd Levitan
    CEO, Beso Del Sol Sangria
    With Park Street’s reporting system, I know exactly where I stand on inventory, sales, cash balance, and collections from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
    Guillermo Erickson Sauza
    Founder, Tequila Fortaleza
    Park Street allows our team to focus on building our brands and growing our business. Their online portal makes running reports a two second effort and the dashboard provides a useful snapshot of our business.
    Marc de Kuyper
    CEO, Royal Dutch Distillers
    Park Street is an expert at managing our back-office at a fraction of what it would cost us to do it in-house. They have a vast network of vendors and partners.
    Ataru Kobayashi
    CEO, Niigata Sake
    Park Street has been a great partner to Código 1530 from pre- launch to our present distribution in 40 states. Their services are invaluable for a startup, and their Navigator data portal provides daily key performance indicators critical to run our business.
    Ron Snyder
    Exec Chairman, Código 1530 Former CEO, CROCS
    Park Street has been a key underlying factor to the success of Mezcal El Silencio. They are precise and thorough in their wide range of services and whether you are a start-up or established supplier, Park Street always has your back.
    Fausto Zapata
    CEO, El Silencio Mezcal
    Park Street has been instrumental in launching MALFY GIN and SPYTAIL RUM in 40 states in under a year. Their cloud-based Navigator makes data available 24/7. They allow brands to keep overhead low and focus on selling and marketing. Highly recommend Park Street.
    Elywn Gladstone
    Founder, Biggar & Leith Former CMO, Proximo and Head of New Brands, William Grant & Sons
    Park Street is quite simply the best back-office partner for any beverage alcohol company in the U.S. We view them not as a third party but as an extension of our own company, dedicated to providing great customer service.
    Robert Furniss Roe
    CEO, Samson & Surrey Former CEO, Bacardi USA
    Park Street is a skillful combination of professional service and a well-designed platform. Their back-of- the-house solution enables us to focus on producing and selling award-winning products.
    Tom Jensen
    Founder, Millstone Spirits Former CEO, Remy Cointreau USA
    Shipping, U.S. Customs, warehousing, inventory control, billing, accounting, sales reporting, cash flow, financing… you name it. Park Street is a dream partner for absolute control and flawless operation of your business.
    Nat Roura
    Partner, Sangria Lolea Former EVP, PepsiCo
    Park has a remarkable depth of industry knowledge and consistently provides best-in-class insights and analysis.
    Ernest J. Gallo
    E. & J. Gallo Winery
    Park Street’s expertise has become a huge advantage to our business. My confidence in them has allowed me the freedom to focus on what we do best.
    Robert Bradshaw
    President/COO, Cape Classics
    I am impressed with Park Street’s responsiveness, diversity of solutions, and in-depth knowledge of the market. They are a ready to go platform for brands wishing to enter the U.S.
    Markus Kramer
    CEO, Borco Former GM, Diageo
    A great partner to help manage the regulatory, administrative and logistical complexities in the U.S. Park Street also provides insightful input on growth strategy, execution and market trends. They are a trusted sounding board.
    Nick Papanicolaou
    New Brand Ventures, Pernod Ricard

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