Gin consumption grew 1.8% last year in the U.S. and the category sold over 10 million cases for the first time since 2017. The U.S. spent over $2.8 billion of its retail dollars on the category last year, accounting for 3.3% of the total distilled spirits retail spending in the country.

Category growth was led by brands such as Bombay Sapphire, Drumshanbo, The Botanist, and Aviation, all of which were up double digits for the year.

The top three markets for gin consumption on a per capita basis were Washington D.C., New Hampshire, and Delaware at 144, 122, and 78 cases sold per 1,000 adults, respectively. We took a closer look at the 2020 data from Beverage Information Group to determine the top ten markets for gin consumption overall based on nine-liter cases sold.

1. California: 1.2 Million Cases

The Golden State represented nearly 12% of the share of gin consumed by the U.S. in 2020.

2. Florida: 774k Cases

The state of Florida saw $310 million in retail spending on gin in 2020, accounting for 4% of the state’s distilled spirit spending.

3. New York: 567k Million Cases

New York City consumed 175k cases of gin in 2020 and the New York-Newark-Edison area was the top metropolitan area in the country for gin consumption.

4. Georgia: 566k Cases

Georgia was the fourth-largest consumer of gin per capita, with over 73 cases consumed per 1,000 Georgians.

5. Texas: 457k Cases

Though it sneaks into the top five, Texas ranked 48th in the country in per capita consumption with only 22 cases consumed per 1,000 Texans.

6. Illinois: 408k Cases

Illinois saw its gin consumption grow by 11,000 cases or 2.8% from 2019 to 2020.

7. New Jersey: 402k Million Cases

New Jersey was also in the top ten for per capita consumption at 62 cases consumed per 1,000 adults.

8. Maryland: 319k Cases

Maryland was another state in the top five for gin consumption, with 72 cases consumed per 1,000 adults.

9. Michigan: 289k Cases

Michigan represented the top control state in the country for gin consumption in 2020.

10. North Carolina: 288k Cases

Gin consumption in North Carolina grew 4.9% from 2019, the top growth rate of any state in our top ten.

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