Agave-based spirits are now the third largest spirits category in the U.S. with tequila leading the way. In 2020, the U.S. consumed over 21.5 million nine-liter cases of tequila, but we wanted to know which states were responsible for most of the consumption. So we took a look at 2020 data from Beverage Information Group and determined the top ten markets for tequila. 

Notably, California and Texas hold a much larger consumption share of the category than the rest of the states. California represents approximately 21% of tequila consumption in the U.S., while Texas represents 12%. All other states held a single-digit percentage of category share. 

1. California: 4.4 Million Cases

With the largest population in the country, it’s no surprise that The Golden State took the top spot, but the state also ranked in the top two in per capita consumption. Over a million cases were sold in Los Angeles alone last year, making it the top city in the country for tequila consumption.

2. Texas: 2.6 Million Cases

Home to the Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington area, the second largest metropolitan area for tequila consumption in 2020 with 990k cases sold.

3. Florida: 1.2 Million Cases

The Sunshine State consumed over 1.2 million cases of tequila in 2020, representing a 7.5% increase from their 2019 consumption.

4. Illinois: 791k Cases

635k of the cases consumed in Illinois were consumed in the Chicago-Naperville-Joliet metropolitan area.

5. New York: 763k Cases

While ranking in the top 5 for volume, New York is actually in the bottom ten states in per capita consumption ranking No. 43. 

6. Arizona: 762k Cases

Arizona was another state in the top five in per capita tequila consumption with 137 cases consumed per 1,000 citizens in 2020.

7. Ohio: 733k Cases

As the top control state for tequila consumption, Ohio saw a 29.4% increase in their volumes from 2019.

8. Michigan: 706k Cases

Michigan saw the highest increase in tequila consumption from 2019 to 2020 at 38%.

9. Colorado: 627k Cases

Colorado ranked third behind Nevada and California in per capita consumption last year with 145 cases consumed per 1,000 citizens in 2020.

10. North Carolina: 621k Cases

25% more cases of tequila were consumed in North Carolina in 2020 than 2019, while the Tar Heel State consumed 621k cases of tequila.

Although, this information can help you determine which markets you want to start with, it’s not always the best option to start with the largest markets first. Click Here for more advice on how to identify the right markets for your brand.

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