In this presentation, Effie Panagopoulos, CEO of Kleos Mastiha Spirit, touches on Gen Z and modern consumers influence on the beverage industry, including their preferences for ethical marketing, mental health awareness, value-driven choices, and non-alcoholic options.

She also discusses the rising influence of female consumers in the beverage alcohol space. Effie reveals the interests and characteristics behind these consumers and how brands can market to them in a way that embraces and respects their values.


In this video, Shelley Elkovich, Founder of award-winning N/A cocktails brand For Bitter For Worse, discusses the potential of occasion-based marketing for alcohol and non-alc brands. She gives examples of how to change your branding, labeling, and messaging to fit special occasions.


In this video from Bar Convent Brooklyn, Cole Clark, President of AmygdaLaunch, discusses the importance of analyzing beverage alcohol baskets to understand purchasing decisions made by consumers. Clark emphasizes how event-based purchases can teach us more about the values and motivations of consumers than demographic models.

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