Traditionally, suppliers have been fairly limited when it comes to direct-to-consumer sales, but in recent years the explosion of the ecommerce space has transformed the way suppliers connect to the wider beverage-alcohol marketplace. As this trend continues, it will be advantageous for brands to invest time and resources in online platforms to encourage the growth of their brand. 

In the latest video from Park Street University, Mike Boswell, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Breakthru Beverage Group, opens up the conversation on the ecommerce space and how this platform is altering the dynamics of the traditional three-tier system. Boswell breaks down the primary facets of maintaining a viable ecommerce presence, explaining the influence it exerts on your company’s relationship with distributors and consumers. He wants suppliers to be aware of the key avenues to pursue in the online marketplace and how to correctly place content to foster their growth. He’s sure to point out that it’s just as important to coordinate with your distributor when developing your ecommerce presence as it is when setting up on-premise sales. 

“You’re going to have a better chance of getting your brand in front of the buyer, because there are more channels for them to find your brand.”

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