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Wine can now be Delivered Directly to Residents in Pennsylvania

Grape and wine on a wooden table

Wine producers will now be able to ship directly to Pennsylvania residents with greater freedom after the state’s Liquor Control Board approved Act 39 on August 16.  In order to do so, producers will need to apply and receive approval for a direct wine shipper license.  Elizabeth Brassell, a spokesperson for the Liquor Control Board, stated, “So unless a wine club is producing the wine it sells, it would not be eligible for the license.  Out-of-state wineries that obtain the licenses would be able to ship to Pennsylvania residents.”  So far, only 5 of the 124 requests for the direct shipper licenses have been approved, but one should expect more to come.  Act 39 will allow producers to ship up to 36 cases of wine to a single home per year, all of which will face a $2.50 per gallon wine excise tax, as well as state and local sales tax.

Source: Penn Live