Utah Alcoholic Beverage Market: Regulations, Statistics, Trends, and Wholesalers

Looking for information on alcohol sales and consumption trends? How about a rundown of the most popular state beverage laws? Then this guide is for you. Did you know that the Beehive State regulates all alcohol sales in the state of Utah? Utah is a relatively conservative state regarding alcohol sales and consumption. Manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, and distributors need all the relevant data they can find on alcohol consumption trends, local and state rules, and tax info. Please see below for an in-depth look that will assist any brand looking to establish a presence in Utah. Please feel free to fill out the form below and a Park Stree representative will contact you.

Consumption Trends In Utah

We’ll be publishing the consumption trends by type in the near future. Please check back for more information or reach out to a Park Street Team Member for more information.

Utah Spirits Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

Spirit trends in Utah by volume and dollar sales in 2020.

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 9-liter cases
Dollar Sales
Straight Whiskey 177 N/A
Canadian Whisky 180 N/A
Scotch whisky 25 N/A
Irish whiskey 28 N/A
Gin 49 N/A
Vodka 482 N/A
Rum 163 N/A
Tequila 105 N/A
Cordials/Liqueurs 265 N/A
Cocktails 70 N/A

Source: Beverage Information Group


Utah Wine Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

See below for the wine trends in Utah by volume sales in 2020.

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 9-liter cases
Table 1,100
Wine Coolers Unknown
Champagne & Sparkling 47.5
Dessert & Fortified 10.3
Vermouth & Aperitif 2.6

Source: Beverage Information Group

Utah Beer Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

Beer trends in Utah by volume sales in 2020

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 2.25 Gallon Cases
Volume Sales barrels
Craft 1.7 55.6
FMBs & Hard Seltzer 1.1 36.9
Super & Super Premium 1.9 60.3
Light 6.3 203.4
Popular 0.7 22.1
Imported 1.4 44.0

Source: Beverage Information Group

The Top 10 Spirits Brands
In Utah

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The Top 10 Table Wine Brands
In Utah

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The Top 10 Domestic Beer Brands
In Utah

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Alcoholic Beverage Distributors Located In Utah

When it comes to the sale of alcohol, the United States adheres to a rigid three-tier structure. Wholesalers or importers make up the “middle tier” of the sector. The lowest layer, which comprises of suppliers and manufacturers, supplies goods to these enterprises. Following that, they offer the goods for sale to distributors, who subsequently offer them to retailers. The customers are then sold by the shops. In the United States, the three-tier system must be used for all sales.


Below you will find an updated list of the top distributors located in the state of Utah. Need more info on the many distributors of alcohol throughout the US? Check out the full list of distributors or fill out the contact form provided.

Wine & Spirits Distributors

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Beer Distributors

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More Distributors in Utah (A-Z)

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Click here to access the list of alcohol distributors. 

Self-Pitch Distribution Model

In the environment that we operate in today, it can be difficult to find distributors willing to sell your brand.

As you may or may not know, there are hundreds, even thousands of brands and far fewer distribution businesses to move your product through the tiers.

Many people employ Park Street’s self-pitch distribution strategy to lessen complications and improve their chances of receiving distribution.

In that items are sold to retailers, the self-pitch distribution model is similar to the three-tier traditional distribution model. The primary distinction is that sales and marketing are handled by the provider.

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