Nebraska Alcoholic Beverage Market: Regulations, Statistics, Trends, and Wholesalers

An interesting fact related to Nebraska is that a bar can’t legally sell beer without brewing a pot of soup. But this is not all, as there are so many other things that producers, wholesalers, and distributors need to know before they go and try to establish a presence in the Cornhusker State.

We have created the following guide to help you better understand the types of alcohol, like beer, wine, and spirits, that are popular in Nebraska. We also share essential alcohol-related rules and laws that can help and outline important retailer information, local distributors, and popular brands.

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Consumption Trends In Nebraska

Below you will find state graphs displaying the consumption for the state of Nebraska. The data is displayed to showcase a five-year period. There’s been a +1.38% CAGR for spirits, +0.34% CAGR for wine, and -1.46% CAGR for beer over this particular 5-year period.

Nebraska Spirits Consumption from 2015-2020 by 9-Liter Cases

Nebraska Spirits Growth 2015-2020

Nebraska Wine Consumption from 2015-2020 by 9-Liter Cases

Nebraska Wine Volume Growth 2015-2020

Nebraska Beer Consumption from 2015-2020 by 9-Liter Cases

Nebraska Beer Volume Growth 2015-2020

Nebraska Spirits Volume By Category – 2020 Data

Spirit trends in Nebraska by volume and dollar sales in 2020.

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 9-liter cases
Dollar Sales
Straight Whiskey 130 N/A
Canadian Whisky 183 N/A
Scotch Whisky 33 N/A
Irish Whiskey 13 N/A
Gin 33 N/A
Vodka 381 N/A
Rum 123 N/A
Tequila 91 N/A
Cordials/Liqueurs 123 N/A
Cocktails 50 N/A

Source: Beverage Information Group

Nebraska Wine Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

Wine trends in Nebraska by volume sales in 2020

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 9-liter cases
Table 1,000
Champagne & Sparkling 69.5
Dessert & Fortified 26.6
Vermouth & Aperitif 3.6

Source: Beverage Information Group

Nebraska Beer Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

Beer trends in Nebraska by volume sales in 2020

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 2.25 Gallon Cases
Volume Sales barrels
Craft 2.0 65.1
FMBs & Hard Seltzer 2.2 69.9
Super & Super Premium 2.8 89.1
Light 8.2 263.2
Popular 1.1 35.7
Imported 0.8 27.3

Source: Beverage Information Group


The Top 10 Spirits Brands
In Nebraska

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The Top 10 Table Wine Brands
In Nebraska

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The Top 10 Domestic Beer Brands
In Nebraska

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Alcoholic Beverage Distributors Located In Wyoming

The alcoholic beverage distribution landscape in the United States adheres to a rigorous three-tiered framework. The intermediate tier of the industry encompasses wholesalers and importers who secure the supply of alcoholic beverages from the lower tier, which encompasses suppliers and manufacturers. Subsequently, the wholesalers and importers distribute the products to the distributors, who in turn, sell them to the retailers who cater to the final consumers. It is imperative to note that all sales transactions of alcoholic beverages must transpire within the confines of this three-tiered system in the United States.


Find a list of the top distributors located in the state of Nebraska. If you need more information on distributors, please reach out to us directly. 

Wine & Spirits Distributors

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Beer Distributors

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More Distributors in Nebraska (A-Z)

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Click here to access the list of distributors. 

Self-Pitch Distribution Model

Navigating the contemporary business landscape to secure distribution for a brand can prove to be a challenging task. With an abundance of brands vying for limited distribution channels, the competition for market access can be intense. To mitigate complexity and enhance the chances of securing distribution, many companies have embraced Park Street’s innovative self-pitch distribution methodology.

This distribution model mirrors the three-tiered conventional distribution framework in that the final product reaches the retailers. However, it distinguishes itself by placing the responsibility for sales and marketing in the hands of the supplier. By doing so, this approach streamlines the distribution process and empowers the supplier to drive the success of their brand.

Selling Alcohol In Nebraska

The state of Nebraska maintains a centralized system of regulation for alcoholic beverages under the purview of the Liquor Control Commission. The Commission holds the responsibility for overseeing all aspects related to the sale and distribution of alcohol within the state.

If you aspire to sell alcoholic beverages in Nebraska, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations. To assist you in this endeavor, we have compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the sale of alcohol in the state. If you do not find the information you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.

FAQs on Nebraska Beer, Wine & Spirits Sales

What are the policies regarding the sale of alcohol on Sundays in Nebraska? 

In Nebraska, alcohol is sold seven days a week between 6 AM and 1 AM.

What are the hours retailers can sell alcohol?

In Nebraska, alcohol is sold seven days a week between 6 AM and 1 AM; however, distilled spirits are not sold on Sundays before noon.

What are the alcohol laws in Nebraska?

The legal age for purchasing alcohol in Nebraska is 21. People can work as bartenders, serve alcohol, or sell alcohol in liquor stores at 19, but they must be over 21 to consume alcohol. The maximum legal limit for drivers is 0.08% BAC, but drivers can be considered “per se intoxicated” and be charged with a DUI, as no other evidence is required to prove the driver’s guilt. Drivers charged with DUI get a mandatory driver’s license suspension for 90 days, and any subsequent offense gets a one-year suspension.

Do Walmart, Target, and CVS sell alcohol in Nebraska?

Walmart, Target, CVS, and other retailers can sell all types of alcohol in Nebraska.

Do they sell liquor, wine, or beer in grocery stores in Nebraska?

Grocery/convenience stores in Nebraska can sell beer, wine, and distilled spirits every day from 6 AM to 1 AM.

Do they sell liquor, wine, or beer in gas stations in Nebraska?

Nebraska gas stations can sell beer, wine, and distilled spirits every day from 6 AM to 1 AM.

What is the alcohol excise tax in Nebraska?

The alcohol excise tax in Nebraska is the following:

  • Beer Tax – $0.31/gallon
  • Wine Tax – $0.95/gallon
  • Distilled Spirits Tax – $3.75/gallon

The Nebraska alcohol excise taxes are mandatory, and are added to the Federal alcohol excise taxes, which are as follows:

  • Beer Federal Excise Tax – $18.00/31-gallon barrel, or $0.05 per 12-oz can
  • Wine Federal Excise Tax – $1.07 to $3.4/gallon; $0.21 to $0.67/750ml bottle
  • Distilled Spirits Federal Excise Tax – $13.5/proof gallon or $2.14/750ml 80-proof bottle (40% ABV).

Buying Alcohol In Nebraska – Hours, Locations & Taxes

The laws and regulations for buying alcohol in Nebraska may vary. Therefore, you’ll want to check with the local government to ensure you know the local laws. That said, we cover many of the common questions that people have today. Find all the answers we’ve provided below.

FAQs on Buying Beer, Wine & Liquor in Nebraska

Can you buy liquor in grocery stores in Nebraska?

Yes, you can buy liquor, wine, and beer in grocery/convenience stores in Nebraska.

Can you buy alcohol in gas stations in Nebraska?

Yes, you can buy liquor, wine, and beer in gas stations in Nebraska.

Does Nebraska Allow direct-to-consumer shipping? 

You can have beer, wine, or distilled spirits delivered in Nebraska. However, you can only order from licensed sellers, and the customer must provide adequate proof of age. Also, the order is limited to 9 liters of alcohol per client per month.

What times can you buy liquor, wine, or beer in Nebraska?

Retailers that sell off-premise alcohol can sell from 6 AM to 1 AM every day; however, sales for distilled spirits start at noon on Sunday. On-premise alcohol is sold from 6 AM to 1 AM (with some locals staying open to 2 AM with a special local license).

Can you order alcohol to go in Nebraska?

Yes, you can order alcohol to go with your order as long as the beverage is in its original package or is prepared in a sealed container by the server. Breweries can only fill growlers with their own logo on them.

Where in Nebraska can you buy alcohol off-premise?

Off-premise alcohol is sold at grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, package stores, liquor stores, and other retailers. Also, many restaurants, bars, taprooms, and breweries can sell off-premise drinks.

Where can buy alcohol for on-premise consumption in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, one can find alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption in bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and taprooms.

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