Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Market: Regulations, Statistics, Trends, and Wholesalers

Georgia is a state where many suppliers are interested in obtaining market share. It’s located just north of Florida, one of if not the top states for alcohol consumption in the United States. For that reason, many emerging brands wish to establish a presence. In this article, we cover important facts, trends, regulations, and more. If you are a supplier, wholesaler, or distributor located in Georgia then the facts presented may be of interest to you.

What’s covered? The guide below covers consumption trends for all types of alcohol i.e. beer, wine, and spirits. Additionally, the laws on selling and buying alcohol in Georgia are covered along with top brands, and details on the self-distribution model.

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Consumption Trends In Georgia

Georgia consumption varies from product type. Over the years, there have been changes in growth. For example, spirits have seen a CAGR of 1.85%, while wine has seen 1.01% and beer has seen a decline in CAGR of -0.29%. Please see below for a detailed look at the trends over the last few years broken down by type of alcohol.

Georgia Spirits Consumption from 2015-2020 by 9-Liter Cases

Georgia Spirits CAGR


Georgia Wine Consumption from 2015-2020 by 9-Liter Cases


Georgia Wine CAGR


Georgia Beer Consumption from 2015-2020 by 9-Liter Cases


Georgia Beer Consumption CAGR

Georgia Spirits Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

Spirit trends in Georgia by volume and dollar sales in 2020.

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 9-liter cases
Dollar Sales
Straight Whiskey 668 $201
Canadian Whisky 551 $229
Scotch Whisky 201 $82
Irish Whiskey 68 N/A
Gin 567 $182
Vodka 2,000 $774
Rum 500 $187
Tequila 610 N/A
Cordials/Liqueurs 405 $147
Cocktails 248 N/A

Source: Beverage Information Group

Georgia Beer Volume Sales By Category – 2020 Data

Beer trends in Georgia by volume and dollar sales in 2020.

Category Volume Sales
Thousands, 2.25 Gallon Cases
Volume Sales barrels
Craft 7.6 244.7
FMBs & Hard Seltzer 8.2 264.7
Super & Super Premium 7.8 251.3
Light 37.1 1197.4
Popular 4.1 134.5
Imported 12.0 388.2

Source: Beverage Information Group
Coming Soon: Wine trends in Georgia by volume and dollar sales in 2020.


The Top 10 Spirits Brands
In Georgia

  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • Crown Royal
  • Smirnoff
  • New Amsterdam Vodka
  • Jim Beam Family
  • Bacardi
  • Hennessy
  • Jose Cuervo
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • E & J

The Top 10 Table Wine Brands
In Georgia

  • Coming Soon!

The Top 10 Domestic Beer Brands
In Georgia

  • Coming Soon!

Alcoholic Beverage Distributors Located In Georgia

One important fact about distributing alcohol in Georgia and any other state located in the U.S. is that it’s all subject to take place through the three-tier system. What does this mean? It means that suppliers and manufacturers must sell their products to a “middle tier.” This affects the entire alcoholic beverage industry. When we say “middle tier,” we’re referring to wholesalers and/or importers. From there, each wholesaler and importer markets and sells products to retailers, both off-premise and on-premise.

Want to learn more about the alcoholic beverage distributors operating in Georgia? If so, then see the list below which lists out top distributors within the state along with other distributors operating in Georgia. If you’re looking for more information on distribution and/or specific distributors, then please reach out to us or simply complete the form located on the page and we’ll contact you.

Wine & Spirits Distributors

More Coming Soon

Beer Distributors

More Coming Soon

More Distributors in Georgia (A-Z)

Full Georgia List Coming Soon!

Click here for a complete list of alcoholic beverage distributors. 

Self-Pitch Distribution Model

It can be a difficult challenge to find the right distributor when trying to build your brand in the United States. There are literally thousands of alcohol brands out there today and industry consolidation efforts have made it even more difficult for brands, both new and established. There are far fewer distributors today to choose from throughout the United States.

One of the options available today for emerging brands is to use Park Street’s self-pitch distribution model.

The self-pitch distribution model is very similar to the three-tier traditional distribution model where a product is delivered to a retailer, but the key difference is that the sales and marketing aspect of the process is all handled solely by the supplier.

Selling Alcohol In Georgia

The sale of alcohol in the state of Georgia is controlled by the Alcohol & Tobacco Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue. They have two units that play key roles in the control which include Law Enforcement and Operations. The Operations Unit consists of the Licenses and Permits Unit and The Audit and Excise Tax Unit.

To sell alcohol in the state of Georgia it requires proper licensing. Additionally, it requires deep knowledge of state, county, and local law. In order to help you better understand some of the laws and requirements, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers. In the event that you do not find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Park Street Team. Click here to reach out to us via email.

FAQs on Georgia Beer, Wine & Spirits Sales

What are the alcohol laws in Georgia?

There are lots of alcohol laws in the state of Georgia. Here are a few of the laws that you need to know. Spirits are sold in liquor stores aka package stores. What we mean by spirits is all types of spirits including but not limited to whiskey, scotch, bourbon, tequila, rum, vodka, and more. Both convenience stores and grocery stores sell beer and wine during the hours permitted.

As for the timeframe in which alcohol can be purchased, consumers are able to purchase alcoholic beverages at retailers between the hours of 7 AM and 11:45 PM. This is for off-premise only. With regard to on-premise consumption, both bars and restaurants are able to sell alcohol between the hours of 11 AM and 11:45 PM.

Any individual under the age of 21 is prohibited from purchasing and consuming alcohol. However, there is one exception, if you are a parent or guardian purchasing the alcohol and the alcohol is being consumed at home with the parent or guardian present.

A $1,000 fine and possible jail time of up to one year may be imposed for any individual providing alcohol to a consumer under the age of 21.

Do gas stations in Georgia sell beer, wine, and liquor?

Gas stations in Georgia sell beer and wine. They do not sell liquor since spirits can only be sold at package stores.

What is the alcohol excise tax in Georgia?

The excise tax rate varies depending on the type of alcohol.


≤ 14%: $0.40 per liter

> 14%: $0.67 per liter”


$0.32 per gallon


$3.79 per gallon

$0.83 per gallon local tax

What are the policies when it comes to selling alcohol on Sundays in Georgia?

Georgia allows the sale of alcohol on Sunday between the hours of 12:30 PM and 11:30 PM provided the local government does not disapprove. There are some counties in the state of Georgia that do not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays at any time.

Buying Alcohol In Georgia – Hours, Locations & Taxes

Georgia, although some dry counties do exist, is not a dry state, which means you can buy alcohol within the state. If you’re looking to learn the rules, regulations, and laws on buying beer, wine, and spirits within the state, then see below.  Learn more about buying both off-premise and on-premise today.

FAQs on Buying Beer, Wine & Liquor in Georgia

What is the alcohol tax in Georgia?

There is a sales tax rate of 4% which gets applied to all alcohol purchases that consumers make.

Can you buy liquor in grocery stores in GA?

You can only buy beer and wine at grocery stores in the state of Georgia. Distilled spirits are sold in liquor stores only.

Does Georgia allow direct-to-consumer shipping?

Yes, direct-to-consumer shipping is permitted for wines. However, DTC shipping is not permitted for spirits and beer in Georgia.

Can you buy alcohol in gas stations in Georgia?

You can buy beer and wine in licensed gas stations and convenience stores.

Can you buy alcohol on Sunday in Georgia?

Yes, you can buy alcohol on Sunday in Georgia as long as you’re not trying to buy in counties where alcohol is not sold on Sundays. There are some counties that restrict the sale of alcohol on that day of the week.

What times can you buy liquor, wine, or beer in Georgia?

You can purchase alcohol for off-premise consumption between the hours of 7 AM and 11:45 PM, providing that county or local law doesn’t state otherwise.


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