Rosé has shown rapid growth over the past year, outpacing overall U.S. wine growth, a trend which is expected to continue to increase during the warm summer months, according to Nielsen. Rosé is a light and refreshing drink with versatile appeal, making it the perfect drink for consumers during those hot summer months.

The rosé wine category is valued at $207 million and has grown by over 53 percent in volume sales over the past year, compared to overall category growth of 4 percent. Rosé wine consumption increases by 20 percent over the summer months among regular wine drinkers and by almost 40 percent among women between the ages of 21 to 34 years old. Nielsen is predicting that the popularity of rosé will continue past the traditional summer months and extend throughout the remainder of the year based on strong sales performance from this past year.

Source:, June 2017

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