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Retailers Push Back Against Illinois Bill Forbidding Out-of-State DtC Wine Shipments

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Illinois is experiencing push back from out-of-state retailers after recently passing a bill aimed to fight illegal shipping of wine.  The bill, which was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner and supported by the Wine and Spirits Distributors of Illinois, makes shipping of out-of-state wine directly to Illinois consumers a Class 4 felony.  This move has not gone unnoticed.  Legal NewsLine reported that “Indiana-based wine retailer Lebamoff Enterprises has filed suit in US District Court against Illinois, alleging the state’s treatment of in-state and out-of-state retailers is discriminatory and violates the federal Commerce Clause.”  While it is unclear what the result of the lawsuit will be at this point in time, it is significant to note that other states, such as New York and Texas, have also implemented legal changes at the retail tier in the past.

Source: Wine & Spirits Daily