With a sound concept and a quality product in place, it’s time for your emerging brand to start thinking about the next steps, but raising funds is often a critical hurdle to overcome. In this four-part series, Marc Levit, Founder of ML Advisory and ForecastEasy, breaks down the process of securing capital. From identifying sources of capital to setting valuations, Levit lends his expertise and perspective every step of the way.


In the first video of the series, Levit assists in identifying potential sources of capital at the startup level. Levit uses the example of Ava, a fictional RTD entrepreneur, to explain why one’s immediate support network should be the best resource during the initial rounds of fundraising.


In the second edition of Raising Funds 101, Levit explains the steps to projecting your brand’s costs and revenue streams when determining cash needs. He also discusses the advantages of breaking your financial forecast down into digestible bites so prospective investors can see what’s driving your brand’s growth.


In his third lesson, Levit takes a look at some of the financial instruments that startups have at their disposal to raise capital. He breaks down deal structures like convertible debt, SAFE, and priced round agreements so that founders have an idea of the available methods for securing funding.


In the final installment of Raising Funds 101, Marc Levit helps brand owners set a strong valuation for early early-stage grants. From keeping a keen eye on comparable valuations of similar startups to identifying peripheral metrics that indicate your brand’s potential, Levit offers a path to accurately calculating your brand’s value.

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