Barrels in the wine cellar, Porto, Portugal

A call for an alcohol tax increase of 25 cents/drink has been pushed and received support in the state of New Mexico.  New Mexico has a large budget deficit, as the government has overspent by more than $200 million in their 2016 budget year.  While Governor Susana Martinez has said she is not interested in raising taxes of any kind, there are many parties who believe it is time to increase the tax on alcohol.  Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money is one of these parties.  Member Peter DeBenedittis stated that a 25 cent/drink increase would raise approximately $154 million/year and help avoid budget cuts in other areas.  Even though the tax would “increase the cost for a six-pack of beer by $1.50, a bottle of wine by $1.25, and a fifth of liquor by $4,” a recent poll showed that 76% of residents supported the move.  There are those parties that oppose the increase, however.  Beverly Cruz, Chief of Business Development at the Albuquerque Chamber, proclaimed that “tax increases are a short-term solution but with long-term adverse consequences.”  An alcohol tax increase will be an important topic of debate at the November elections in New Mexico.


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