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Illinois lawmaker looking to pass a law to potentially bypass distributors

A new bill introduced in the Illinois Senate by Senator Dan McConchie would potentially allow for small craft distillers to deliver a limited amount of their own product directly to retailers rather than forcing them to sell to distributors via the standard 3 tier model. According to supporters the bill would make it easier for small distilleries to grow, creating more jobs and tax revenue. The Senate Bill would allow distilleries that produce less than 100,000 gallons per year to deliver up to 25,000 gallons annually to bars, restaurants and other licensed stores. The state currently allows breweries to distribute a limited amount of product directly to retailers, but not distilleries. The state now has 31 craft distilleries and the industry is growing rapidly, the state is looking at ways to entice additional businesses to open in the state and local markets to help improve the economy.

Source: Daily Herald, March 2017