An Overview of the Global Non-Alc Beverage Market

At Bar Convent Berlin, Paul Mathew, Founder of Everleaf Drinks, provided the audience with an overview of the global non-alcohol market. Mathew touched on the size of the prize within non-alcohol, as well as how brands can educate consumers on-premise.


What is the Mindful Drinking Movement?

Learn more about the mindful drinking trend from Camille Vidal, Founder of La Maison Wellness. In this presentation, Vidal discusses what groups are behind the growing movement and how alcohol-free offerings are shaping trends within the space.


In this presentation from Bar Convent Berlin, Imme Ermgassen, Co-Founder of Botivo Drinks, reveals the three challenges of starting a non-alcohol brand. Imme dives into issues like culture, categories, and consumer preferences.


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