On this episode of the Park Street Insider Podcast, we’re taking a dive into a trending category that’s been picking up steam over the last few years and now sits on the edge of mainstream consumer adoption. We’re talking of course about Low and No alcohol.

What was once a fringe category adopted by abstainers is slowly being incorporated into the weekly practices of alcoholic drinkers as well who are more concerned with what goes into their products and how they’re imbibing. We’re seeing both young adults who are generally less inclined to drink than previous generations and middle-aged adults becoming more concerned with their health, all age brackets seem to be jumping aboard the low and no movement.

At Bar Convent Berlin, Park Street University’s Emmett Strack sat down with some of the global leaders in the Low and No to break down the status quo of the category.  Joined by Mark Livings of Lyre’s Spirit Co., Ellie Webb of Caleño Drinks, and Morten Sørensen of ISH Spirits, the discussion will cover where the category is at now in terms of consumer adoption, how to educate consumers about the category and what’s next for Low & No in the coming years.

Episode Breakdown:

Founder backgrounds – 8:00
Defining what Low & No alcohol is – 17:45
Consumer adoption of Low & No – 21:41
The next milestone of acceptance for Low & No – 27:10
The accessibility of Low & No products – 31:12
How to educate consumers about the category – 34:57
What’s performing well and what’s up next in Non-Alc? – 39:40

Key Quote:

“Our bet was the right one: people wanted to drink the flavors that they knew and loved. We now know, after years of research, that the people coming into our category and enjoying the products from the category also consume alcohol. The early adopters were the abstaining parts of the population but people moderating is where this is going to inflect from early adoption into the mainstream.”

-Mark Livings

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Mark Livings, Founder & CEO, Lyre’s Spirit Co.
Ellie Webb, Founder, Caleño Drinks
Morten Sørensen, Founder, ISH Spirits

Mentioned in this episode:

Lyre’s Spirit Co.
Caleño Drinks
ISH Spirits

This episode was recorded live at Bar Convent Berlin in October of 2022 as part of the Park Street Insider Podcast’s “What’s Trending” series.

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