At Bar Convent Brooklyn, David Crooch, Co-Founder & CEO of Ritual Beverage Company, discussed the direction of the non-alcoholic market and the growing size of the prize within the category. Crooch touches on the ongoing trend of moderation among younger consumers and paints a picture of the future of the non-alcoholic market.


In her presentation at Bar Convent Brooklyn, Raquel Royers, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Distill Ventures revealed how online influencers and creators can move the needle for non-alcohol brands. Royers discusses the difference between influencers and creators and how each can go about boosting your brand.


In her presentation at Bar Convent Brooklyn, Ashley Hanke, Attorney at Malkin Law, went over some key regulation considerations for those looking to start a non-alcoholic beverage brand. Hanke highlights the differences between alcohol-free and non-alcoholic products, tax considerations for NA spirits, and the varying state treatment of these beverages.


In this video from Bar Convent Brooklyn, Dan Gasper, CEO of The Ardent Company, breaks down the current landscape for non-alcoholic brands and some keys to success for founders in the space. Gasper also discusses the differences between flavored and functional beverages, while providing examples.

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