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American Distilling Institute Conference

TThe American Distilling Institute holds an annual conference called the ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Expo, and they’ll have the 20th edition in 2023. This annual event will be held on August 23-24, 2023, in Las Vegas, and it is a must-attend event for every business directly or indirectly related to the spirits industry.



American Distilling Institute
Hayward, CA, United States, California
Phone: +1 510-886-7418
Email: admin@distilling.com

Event Location:

The Mirage Hotel
3400 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Phone: +1 702 791 7111
August 23-24, 2023

Who’s Behind the ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Expo 2023?

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ADI stands for American Distilling Institute, the world’s largest small-batch, independently-owned craft distillery association. ADI was founded in 2003 and serves as a go-to source for everyone looking for information and promotion of craft distilling. ADI serves as an enterprise that organizes and promotes programs for economic development, academic research, and education and generates public awareness and appreciation of artisanal spirits to the general public.

Who Is the ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Expo For?

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The ADI Craft Spirits Conference & Expo 2023 is an event intended for everyone working in the spirits industry. The conference consists of two main days, the 23rd and 24th of August, and special workshops held on the 22nd and 25th of August.

The program is very appealing to many, as there is a Certified Craft Spirits program, which was created to raise public awareness of small-batch craft spirits and how these differ from the large-scale producers. The conference is perfect for distributors, wholesales, buyers, and bartenders to learn about the different craft spirits brands the US craft spirits industry offers.

As a part of the ADI Craft Spirits Conference and Expo, there is a spirits competition where about 1,000 spirits will compete for the title, and about 50 judges will judge. The event attracts over 2000 visitors and about 200 exhibitors, all working to present their brands, partake in workshops and classes, and advance knowledge about craft spirits.

The conference has an expo floor where suppliers and vendors can sell their products, present their brands, and meet and network with existing and potential clients. The conference also holds about 50 education sessions and panel discussions in 5 conference rooms, making the ADI Craft Spirits Conference and Expo a must-attend event for anyone interested in the craft spirits business.

Wrapping Up

The ADI Craft Spirits Conference and Expo 2023 will have its 20th anniversary on August 23 and 24th, 2023, and this is a must-attend event for anyone related to the craft spirits industry. Various suppliers, vendors, and brands will present their products, and about 1000 craft spirits will compete in the ADI International Spirits Competition. Overall, this event can greatly benefit businesses directly or indirectly related to the craft spirits industry.

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