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Control State Results for June 2016 Released

Contrheader_logool state results show a common trend of growth in several ways for the month of June.  9-L spirits case sales increased by 10.0%, rolling 12 month volume was up by 3.3%, and shelf dollars growth improved by 12.4%.  The growth was partially attributed to the states’ June calendars, which had 9 more selling days than the previous year.  Even after equivalizing the variations, however, the positive trends were still prominent, as case sales were up 6.0%, rolling 12 month volume grew by 2.8%, and shelf dollar growth increased by 8.0%.  Nearly every category experienced substantial growth in June as well, but Irish whiskey was the clear leader with a 24.4% growth rate.  In regards to wine, 9-L case sales in control states also improved, as they increased by 3.6%.

Source: NABCA