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Alcohol Import & Export Data through June 2016 Released

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Alcohol’s import and export data through June 2016 was released this past week.  In the United States, packaged imports of beer, wine, and spirits have all increased by volume and value over the last year.  Imported beer and wine volumes are both up by 6.3%, while spirits is up by 6.0%.  63% of imported beer into the US comes from Mexico, while Italy accounts for 35% of wine.  More noticeable growth results are the 57% increase of imported beer from Denmark, 83% increase of imported wine from Canada, and 116% increase of imported spirits from Japan.  Although packaged imports have increased, imported bulk across all categories has decreased by both volume and value.   In regards to exports, wine and spirits leaving the US have slightly dropped over the past 12 months.  Exported beer, however, has seen an increase of 20.8% by volume and 13.0% by value over the last year.  Overall, the rise of imported packaged beer, wine, and spirits is the most positive result.

Source: bw166