In his presentation from Bar Convent Berlin, Michael Jacob, Drink Sector Manager at Board Bia, discusses how consumers are driving brands toward a sustainability agenda. 61% of consumers say it will be more important to buy sustainably-produced products within the next three years. These consumers want to make sustainable choices and they are looking to brands to help with that. Jacob reveals how brands can achieve sustainability goals and fill the needs of their consumers.

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Giffard Liqueurs has been a family-owned business for five generations and Emilie Giffard, Sales & Brand Development Manager, feels their sustainability strategy is key to ensuring their success for generations yet to come. In Giffard’s presentation at Bar Convent Berlin, she discussed the importance of working with suppliers and stakeholders to ensure a sustainable supply chain from field to bottle. Giffard emphasizes the importance of thinking long-term, collaborating closely, and utilizing new innovations to promote sustainability.


Trinidad & Tobago was once responsible for 20% of global cocoa production, but its share of the world’s cocoa supply has been on a steep decline for the past two centuries. In her presentation from Bar Convent Berlin, Vitra Deonarine, Marketing Manager at Angostura Bitters, shares how Angostura has taken an initiative in sustainable cocoa production since the introduction of Angostura Cocoa Bitters. Angostura partnered with Ubergreen Organics to establish organic cocoa nurseries and clonal gardens in Trinidad & Tobago, support local farmers, and more.

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