Consumers are more focused than ever on sustainability credentials for the products they buy and companies they align with. 48% of U.S. alcohol drinkers claimed that their purchase decisions were positively influenced by a company’s sustainability or environmental initiatives, according to IWSR. 

But sustainability is more than just a tactic to draw in new consumers, it’s a viable long-term strategy that can make your business’ supply chain more efficient or open up access to new resources.

Below are three suppliers who share their experiences on how to build a sustainable business.

Michael Langan, Head of Distillery at Yellow Rose Distilling, shares his playbook for applying sustainable solutions at the production level. While some distilleries advocate for implementing sustainable practices at the time of launch, Langan explains why it’s still a worthwhile investment to implement new sustainable practices over time for thos already in business.

In fact, implementing alternative technologies at his distillery paved the way for solving some of the biggest challenges facing Yellow Rose Distilling.

Incorporating sustainable solutions doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. In this video, Elana Effrat, Director of Marketing at One Eight Distilling, lays out the small steps brands can take to build out a sustainable footprint. She highlights several small environmentally friendly examples including, repurposing barrels, utilizing regional services, taking advantage of subsidized energy programs.

In this video, Amanda Victoria, CEO and Co-Founder of Siponey shares her experience incorporating a sustainable model in the brand building process.

She explains how making mindful decisions around partnerships is a particularly crucial step in building a sustainable brand. Victoria gets into how to evaluate prospective partnerships to teach brands about responsible sourcing through the supply chain and vendors.

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