The premium spirits ecommerce platform ReserveBar announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Minibar Delivery, a leading delivery marketplace for wine, spirits, beer, RTDs, and more. Minibar Delivery is currently partnered with more than 2,800 retailers nationwide, including 7-Eleven. The move will allow ReserveBar to leverage Minibar’s network to expand retailer fulfillment and accelerate its introduction of on-demand delivery.

The two companies will combine their retailers, customer base, and technology under the merger, expanding retailer locations to over 5,000 by the end of next year and serving virtually all legal drinking age consumers in states that permit shipping and delivery of beverage alcohol. The agreement also accelerates ReserveBar’s deployment of its API technology allowing third parties to offer customers the opportunity to purchase beverage alcohol online.

A greater selection of products will now be offered on Minibar, including limited editions, new launches, and ReserveBar’s personalized and engraved bottle. Under the agreement, Lindsey Andrews will continue as CEO of Minibar Delivery and report to Lindsay Held, CEO of ReserveBar, who will also hold the title of Executive Chairman of Minibar Delivery.

“As a pioneer in the industry, we’re eager to continue our expansion and innovation leadership. ReserveBar is, at its core, a technology company, and we are excited that our planned technology integrations will be extremely powerful for both companies, our partners, and our customers. The Minibar Delivery acquisition supports our strategic growth across other fronts, including retail footprint expansion, local delivery, consumer data, and business intelligence, and, importantly, talent. They have fantastic people, and we’re excited to have them as part of the ReserveBar family,” said Derek Correia, President of ReserveBar.



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