A new change to Ohio state liquor law is expected to help micro distilleries expand their reach by making it easier for them to get their products on barroom shelves. The new law will allow small-time distillers to sell their products directly to pubs and restaurants.

Under the previous law, all distillers – no matter if you produce 100 bottles a year or 100 bottles a minute – first had to ship their products to one of two state warehouses under the three-tier system. The warehouse would send the bottles to a state liquor agency, where retailers could then buy it wholesale. This process creates a logistical nightmare and additional costs that micro distillers could not afford to compete with. The new law cuts the amount of red tape and allows the micro distiller a chance to sell their products local, which is good for local economic growth and also good for testing new products and flavors!

Source: Toledo Blade, August 2017

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