2021 saw global venture investment in alcohol-related startups rebound to reach $1.25 billion. In this talk from Bar Convent Berlin, Emily Pennington, Sr. Manager of Content and Marketing at Park Street, discusses the motivations that are currently driving investors in the beverage alcohol industry. Pennington breaks down some recent acquisitions in the spirits industry, the types of investors, and current consumer trends.

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When investors are looking to add a beverage alcohol brand to their portfolio, they consider many factors including financial value, category stability, and more. In her presentation at Bar Convent Berlin, Maria Pearman, CPA, Principal at GHJ, focused on investor motivations and how alcohol brands can best position themselves for investment. Pearman touches on the importance of demonstrating a path to profitability and aligning with your potential partner.


If you’re looking to for an investor to acquire your beverage alcohol brand, it’s never too soon to make sure your house is in order. In this talk from Bar Convent Berlin, Alex Oldroyd, Managing Director at Fluxion Advisors, discusses the keys to forming a successful beverage alcohol partnership. Oldroyd reveals the areas in which beverage alcohol brands and their buyers must find a compromise to ensure success.


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