*This article was originally released in April 2024 and updated with additional material in May 2024.

Q1 2024 Alcohol Industry Launch Recap

The first quarter of 2024 showed an increase in the number of exciting new RTD offerings in the market. White Claw and Truly both diversified their seltzer offerings with moves into the tequila space, while celebrities like Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, and Kylie Jenner also announced the launch of new RTD products. Below is Park Street’s full product release recap from Q1 of 2024.

Kylie Jenner Announced an RTD Vodka Soda Brand Called Sprinter

American supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Kylie Jenner steps into the alcohol industry with Sprinter, her latest venture set to launch this March. Sprinter offers a premium canned vodka soda experience, boasting vibrant branding and top-notch ingredients that promise to stand out in the RTD canned cocktail market. Spearheaded by beverage expert Chandra Richter, Sprinter brings together over two decades of industry experience and a Ph.D. in molecular biology to ensure quality and innovation. This latest offering will be available nationwide and offers four flavors—Black Cherry, Peach, Grapefruit, and Lime—each containing premium vodka, sparkling water, and real fruit juice at 4.5 percent alcohol and just 100 calories per can. Be ready to indulge without breaking your savings, as Sprinter hits shelves in an eight-can variety pack for a wallet-friendly $19.99.

“Sprinter is my answer to the growing consumer demand for quality canned cocktails — we’re adding to a market dominated by only a few players with an incredibly delicious vodka soda in a can,” Jenner said. “Not only does Sprinter have a unique bold branding that captures the feeling of fun with your friends, it is also the best tasting vodka soda I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a lot.” (Source)

White Claw Entered the Tequila RTD Space

The hard seltzer company White Claw is dropping an agave-based seltzer, a new RTD line called Tequila Smash. Crafted with a triple-distilled spirit sourced from a family-owned organic farm in Jalisco, Mexico. This 5% ABV ready-to-drink RTD Tequila seltzer will be available in four flavors—Strawberry Guava, Pineapple Passion Fruit, Mango Tamarind, and Lime Prickly Pear—in a variety pack of eight 350-ml cans. Tequila Smash features a unique process of capturing the freshest agave aromas, known as ‘agua dulce’, for a suggested retail price of $18.49 to $18.99 at select retailers.

“White Claw pioneered the RTD category, which continues to be one of the fastest-growing beverage categories and ripe for disruption,” said Phil Rosse, president of Mark Anthony Brands, which owns White Claw. “Following the success of our White Claw Vodka + Soda launch last year, we seized the opportunity to bring decades of beverage research and flavor innovation to another popular spirit, Tequila. (Source

Boston Beer Launched Truly Tequila Soda

Hard seltzer brand Boston Beer is introducing its latest ready-to-drink Truly Tequila Soda line. The company’s newest line is formulated with premium tequila Blanco, real fruit juice, and sparkling water. Truly Tequila Soda has four vibrant flavors of lime, grapefruit, watermelon, and pineapple guava, each boasting 5% ABV and 110 calories per can. 

“We’re re-crafting a new Truly brand to stand for light refreshment versus bolder flavors and are shifting the mix in that direction. This takes patience and time and we’re seeing progress in our efforts,” outgoing Boston Beer CEO David Burwick told analysts in its most recent earnings call. “These innovations will better position the Truly brand offering and set it up well for continued improved trends in 2024. (Source

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Introduced Bulleit American Single Malt

The Kentucky whiskey brand introduced its latest addition to the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey family: Bulleit American Single Malt. The newest whiskey addition is crafted with a mash bill of 100% malted barley and aged in charred new American white oak barrels. This 45% ABV whiskey delivers a rich aroma of sweet vanilla and toasted oak, followed by a palate of light fruitiness with hints of red fruit and pear. Offered at an SRP of $59.99 for a 750ml bottle; Bulleit American Single Malt is accessible nationwide and at the Bulleit visitor experience in Shelbyville, KY.

Jesse Damashek, Senior Vice President of Whiskies & Liqueurs at Diageo commented:

“Bulleit American Single Malt brings Bulleit’s restless innovation and passion for sustainability into this exciting new category that is set to make waves in the whiskey industry for years to come. With a 100% malted barley mash bill, and a striking green bottle created from post-consumer recycled glass, this exceptional whiskey covers a lot of new ground for the brand. I believe we’ve succeeded in crafting a distinctive American Single Malt that whiskey lovers across the country will savor and enjoy.” (Source)

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Revealed a Gin & Juice RTD

Hip-hop icons Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg have announced their latest venture in the RTD category, introducing Gin & Juice. Commemorating three decades since their groundbreaking hit “Gin & Juice,” this premium canned beverage celebrates their cultural legacy with four distinct flavors: Citrus, Melon, Passionfruit, and Apricot. Crafted with top-tier gin, these cocktails offer a refreshing twist on classic favorites on any occasion. The premium gin-based cocktails will be available nationwide through Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits until early spring.

“Together, we always try to create magic, we’re having fun being creative, and everything about this product is really us,” said Dr. Dre. “There’s passion behind it, and friendship and love and a culture. We’re shooting to make everything we do magnificent, and fortunately, most of the time we hit the target.” (Source

Pernod Ricard Released Beefeater 0.0%

Spirit giant Pernod Ricard unveils its newest non-alcohol addition to its global portfolio – Beefeater 0.0%. Crafted as a nod to the iconic Beefeater London Dry Gin, this alcohol-free alternative maintains the signature citrus and juniper notes, ensuring a refreshing experience without the alcohol content. The non-alc offering is made with natural flavors and a meticulous process to capture the essence of the original Beefeater while catering to evolving consumer preferences.

Murielle Dessenis, Global VP of Marketing Gins for The Absolut Group, comments: “We are proud to be bringing to the no-alcohol category an elevated option, removing the need for consumers to compromise or miss out on the occasion. Beefeater 0.0% is our very first zero alcohol expression, which captures the energy of our timeless London classic but without the alcohol.” (Source

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Sazerac Launched ‘White’ Cognac With Quavo

Atlanta artist and rapper Quavo released White X Cognac in collaboration with Sazerac. White X is available exclusively through BlockBar and will become widely available in all markets across the country beginning in June 2024. This latest expression marks the only white cognac offered in the U.S. with a fresh, modern twist on a traditional favorite. White X delivers a palate of delicate white stone fruits, elegant vanilla, and subtle floral undertones at a suggested retail price of $60 per bottle.

Jess Scheerhorn, global Cognac brand director at Sazerac, said: “White X challenges the traditional Cognac category with its fresh and light taste – it’s a total departure from many pre-conceived perceptions about Cognac overall. “Quavo’s electrifying style and willingness to break down barriers makes him the perfect fit to help us debut this brand.” (Source)

19 Crimes Moved Into Rum

Treasury Wine Estates-owned brand 19 Crimes has joined the spirits category, releasing 19 Crimes Spiced Rum. The latest venture is in partnership with Quintessential Brands, producing 7.5% ABV rum that comes in a sleek square bottle adorned with an augmented reality label, portraying the story of escapee Mary Bryant. The 700ml bottle of spiced rum has aromas of mango and pineapple intertwined with hints of caramel, molasses, and vanilla. On the palate, expect a blend of toffee, exotic fruits, and a touch of cocoa, culminating in a long, fruity finish.

Russell Kirkham, head of regional marketing EMEA at Treasury Premium Brands, said: “After experimenting with barrel-aged wines with our 19 Crimes Uprising range, we wanted to push the boundaries even further – taking a bold leap and creating a spiced rum was the next natural step for us as a brand. The 19 Crimes Spiced Rum is a new and disruptive take on the rum category with a product aimed to open the eyes of the younger consumer to a world of high-quality spirits.” (Source

Smirnoff Launched New RTD Vodka Sodas

Diageo-owned brand Smirnoff’s newest lineup of RTD vodka sodas is launching alongside a celebrity-backed pickleball tournament. The RTD vodka lineup includes variant flavors of Watermelon Lime, Raspberry Peach, Pineapple Orange, and Strawberry Dragon fruit, conveniently packaged in 355ml cans with just 100 calories and an ABV of 4.5%. Available at various locations along the Las Vegas strip, including Resorts World, where the tournament is hosted by Speedy Morman and attended by celebrities like Saweetie, Lance Bass, and Vernon Davis. These gluten-free RTD offerings are offered at a suggested retail price of $17.99 per 12-pack, or $8.99 per 6-pack. 

“Our new Smirnoff Smash Vodka Soda continues the legacy of unparalleled flavor innovation from the makers of the world’s number-one vodka,” said Julie Yufe, SVP rum, and vodka, Diageo. (Source

Don Julio Introduced Tequila Alma Miel

Mexican brand and tequila producer Don Julio has released Tequila Don Julio Alma Miel, the latest addition to Tequila Don Julio’s lineup. This new expression is crafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave, and combines blanco tequila with oven-roasted agave honey and añejo tequila matured in French Crémant du Limoux wine casks for at least 14 months. It’s available in select regions, with a statewide launch scheduled in the following months.

“Our love for the craft is what keeps Tequila Don Julio at the forefront of luxury tequila and a force when it comes to sharing some of the most exceptional expressions with the world,” said Christina Choi, Senior Vice President of Tequila at Diageo North America. (Source

Campari-Backed Catalyst Spirits Entered RTD Space

Catalyst Spirits brought forth the renowned Howler Head & Cola under its popular Howler Head brand in the growing RTD market. The Straight Bourbon Whiskey boasts a unique blend of premium grains and mineral-rich water, matured for two years in charred American white oak barrels before being infused with natural banana flavor. Tapping former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker as brand ambassador of the favored whiskey. Howler Head & Cola is a 6% ABV and offers a delightful fusion of toasted caramel, coffee undertones, and a creamy, ripe banana essence, culminating in a smooth finish with a tantalizing aroma of oak. Available in Australia in 330-ml cans for AU$29, a 4-pack and a 10-pack option are slated for release later this year. (Source

Hendrick’s Gin Revealed Grand Cabaret

Hendrick’s Gin introduced its latest addition from Master Distiller Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities — Grand Cabaret. This limited edition offers a blend of stone fruit and sweet herbs, promising a sensory experience that’s both indulgent and light. Grand Cabaret combines classic juniper with subtle sweetness and fruity freshness, complemented by aromatic herbs that highlight the signature cucumber notes of Hendrick’s. This 43.4% ABV premium gin is bottled at and priced at $39.99 per 750-ml. Bottle.

“There’s something to be enthralled by everywhere we look, and this time I was captivated by historical recipes for indulgent stone fruit spirits, eau de vies, peach schnapps, and cherry liqueurs that were in vogue in the 1900s,” Gracie said. “I experimented with these flavors a bit and found that when you put them together, they produce a rich cabaret of notes that are both bright and light, ultimately serving as the inspiration behind this latest release.” (Source

Absolut and Ocean Spray Partnered For Ready-to-Drink Range

Pernod Ricard‘s Absolut, in collaboration with cranberry juice brand Ocean Spray, is dropping a new line of convenient RTD formats, the Absolut and Ocean Spray Vodka Cranberry Cocktail. The latest lineup is composed of four classic cocktail flavors: Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Cran-Grape, Vodka Cran-Pineapple, and Vodka Cran-Raspberry. This RTD cocktail can be in an 8-count variety pack or opt for single-flavor 4-packs or individual cans.

“We’re excited to work with Absolut to bring this iconic cocktail to consumers,” said Monisha Dabek, Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager, USA at Ocean Spray. “Ocean Spray has had a long history with the cocktail and is often credited with introducing the drink in the 1940s as a marketing tactic to showcase the variety of cranberry juice pairings. We love how far it has come in its nearly 80-year history and are excited to see renewed consumer excitement with the new ready-to-drink.” (Source

High West Introduced Its First Bottled in Bond Whiskey

Utah-based whiskey producer High West unveiled the first Bottled-in-Bond whiskey in its portfolio. This straight rye whiskey is bottled at 100 proof and has a mash bill of 80% rye and 20% malted rye, matured for a minimum of four years to achieve a robust flavor profile. The High West Bottled-in-Bond delivers a toasted brioche with sweet rock candy on the nose and cooked apples and cinnamon candies on the palate. The new SKU is available in select retailers statewide at $79.99 per 750ml bottle. (Source

Malibu Released New Ready-to-Serve Cocktails

Pernod Ricard USA brand Malibu continues to expand its portfolio of canned cocktails with its new Malibu ready-to-serve (RTS) cocktail line. The lineup features five new flavors: Strawberry Daiquiri, Pineapple Bay Breeze, and Rum Punch. Each cocktail comes in a 1-liter bottle, approximately good for seven servings. Malibu RTS Cocktail is rolling out across the U.S. this coming spring at the suggested retail price of $14.99.

“We’ve seen the ready-to-serve category grow more than 70%1 in the past year, including a rise in rum drinks, which is a great opportunity for Malibu to deliver on what our consumers are looking for – easy and delicious cocktails,” said Matt Foley, Vice President of Marketing at Malibu. “With Malibu’s most popular tropical cocktails now available in a shareable format, this is the perfect option for getting together with friends and experiencing the summer mindset that a Malibu drink delivers.” (Source

WhistlePig Introduced a Zero-ABV Cannabis-Infused Cocktail

Vermont-based WhistlePig’s latest innovation is a non-alc Old Fashioned RTD cocktail infused with cannabis terpenes. Whistle Pig’s Dank & Dry Old-Fashioned Cocktail is crafted from Whistle Pig’s renowned Barrel Aged Maple Old Fashioned recipe and boasts a unique blend of Piggyback Devil’s Slide 100% Rye Non-Whiskey, barrel-aged maple syrup, and Vermont cannabis terpenes. The non-alc offering is bottled in a 750ml bottle for $49.99 and can be bought with a ‘Hox Box Bundle’ which includes a pig-shaped cocktail smoker and cocktail smoking chips for $65. 

“At the intersection of non-alc and cannabis trends, terpenes offer a new frontier for flavor that we couldn’t resist experimenting with,” said Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig’s Head Blender. “The results are fire, with terpenes adding aromas and mouthfeel that are often missing from non-alc innovation.” (Source

Código 1530 Released Its Cristalino Reposado

Tequila and mezcal brand producer Código 1530 released its additive-free tequila, Código 1530 Cristalino Reposado. The new Cristalino is available at select retailers across the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $89.99 per 750mL bottle. This expression undergoes a unique aging process, starting in French White Oak Cabernet wine barrels and culminating in French Cognac, and features the aromas of vanilla, roasted hazelnuts, and agave, followed by a palate of cooked agave, caramel, vanilla, and hints of hazelnut, ending with a delicate touch of cocoa. 

“Since we are a single NOM distillery (NOM 1616) we had the freedom and resources to create a completely unique Cristalino unlike any other on the market,” said Federico Vaughan, Co-Founder and COO. “We had a lot of fun testing different blends and finishes before declaring the Reposado and Extra Añejo blend as the winner.” (Source

Floyd Mayweather Launched Le Bon Argent Champagne

Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is taking another step into the beverage alcohol market and has collaborated with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits to introduce Le Bon Argent Champagne. The 750-ml. Bottle is set to debut in 11 states: Nevada, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Tennessee, New York, Arizona, Kentucky, and Georgia, with plans for wider distribution in the future. Le Bon Argent Champagne is offered for an SRP of $160 and is available in Brut and Rosé varieties. The Rosé offers combinations of natural flavors, such as strawberries, raspberries, talc, savory herbs, and violets, which are carefully framed around delicate notes of cream, while the Brut is a feisty and crisp torrent of green apple, lemon, and grapefruit, culminating in flavors of brioche, toast, and talc. (Source)

Q2 2024 Alcohol Industry Launch So Far

The second quarter of 2024 started off with some new releases from bigger brands, including Jim Beam and Grey Goose. April was highlighted by supermodel Cindy Crawford teaming up with Casamigos to create a jalapeño-flavored tequila called Casamigas. Below is Park Street’s full product release recap from Q2 of 2024 so far.

Maker’s Mark Announced Rye Bourbon

Kentucky-based bourbon whisky brand Maker’s Mark announced the release of its new bourbon crafted with a rye mash bill: Maker’s Mark Rye Bourbon. This marks the brand’s latest innovation for the first time in over 60 years after its signature red winter wheat whiskey. Maker’s Mark conducted covert market tests to gauge interest, and with overwhelming feedback, they’re diving headfirst into this new venture. Unlike its smooth wheat recipe, this rye bourbon delivers a sharp, spicy kick that leaves an impression on the palate. The Rye Bourbon will be hitting the shelves in limited quantities on April 1st at select retailers for $49.99.

“All these years, we’ve been so focused on wheat—the whole time, there was a whole other grain out there for flavoring bourbon,” explained Bill Samuels, the brand’s patriarch. “We started playing with it about a decade ago, and after it aged for a few years, I said, well there might be something here.” (Source)

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Launches Limonada Frescas 

Joining the wave of hard aguas frescas, Mike’s Hard Lemonade unveils a new RTD with a twist inspired by Latin America’s trend for aguas frescas: the Limonada Fresca. The latest offering comes in a 12-pack variety box and is crafted with real fruit juice, agave nectar, and zesty citrus notes of lemon and lime. Limonadas Frescas features Watermelon Lime, Mangonada, Citrus Limonada, and Pineapple Guava flavors; each 12-ounce can pack a punch at 5 percent ABV in select U.S. markets.

The brand plans to release three new, 8% ABV cocktail-inspired Mike’s Harder flavors in 16 and 23.5-ounce cans this May. (Source)

Cindy Crawford Helped Launch Casamigas Jalapeño Tequila

American Supermodel Cindy Crawford teamed up with Casamigos to create a jalapeño-flavored tequila called Casamigas. Leading with Casamigos founders George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman, the new offering is crafted from Casamigos Blanco Tequila, which is made from Blue Weber agave and infused with the bold flavor of jalapeños for a spicy twist. The 40% ABV Jalapeño Tequila is available across the US with a suggested retail price of $49.99 per 750-ml bottle and $60.99 for a one-liter bottle.

Casamigos co-founders Rande Gerber noted: “Cindy has been part of the Casamigos journey since day one, and I’m excited that she now gets to put her special touches on Casamigas. It’s been over six years in the making.” (Source)

Chinola Launched New Mango Flavor from the Dominican Republic

Chinola Fresh Fruit Liqueurs announced the release of its new expression, the Chinola Mango Liqueur. The latest offering is crafted from a unique blend of mangoes that ripen just once a year, along with a touch of passion fruit in this artisanal liqueur. Chinola Mango Liqueur boasts eco-friendly production practices, contains no artificial colors or flavors, and is naturally made with 100% fresh mangoes and a hint of passion fruit. This 42-proof expression is a carefully curated blend of Dominican mango varieties, including Banilejo, Keitt, and Kent, which results in a harmonious balance of sweetness and tanginess, complemented by a smooth texture.

“We are thankful for the support and enthusiasm our passion fruit liqueur has received from the industry and cocktail aficionados alike. With the launch of our first innovation, Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur embarks on this next chapter as Chinola Fresh Fruit Liqueurs,” stated Andrew Merinoff, Chinola Fresh Fruit Liqueurs Co-Founder and CEO. (Source)

Jim Beam Introduced New Kentucky Coolers Flavors

Jim Beam introduced Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers, a new lineup of RTD cocktails with four new flavors crafted in collaboration with The Boston Beer Company. The RTD lineup flavor includes the refreshing zest of Orange Crush, the juicy delight of Peach Crush, the tangy twist of Blueberry Lemonade, and the sweet sensation of Strawberry Lemonade. Available nationwide in a convenient 12-pack of 12-oz. with 5% ABV and just 120 calories per serving for a suggested retail price of $15.99.

“Jim Beam is an iconic brand that at its core is about the power of human connection, going back to the front porch of the Beam family home where everyone was welcome,” said Jim Beam Global Brand Vice President Veronique Mura. “We know firsthand how a carefully crafted beverage can complement life’s most cherished moments and that is captured in every can of Kentucky Coolers cracked open with the ones we love. We are proud to continue to innovate this iconic brand and introduce more unique flavors for people to connect over and share.” (Source)

Grey Goose Released Altius Vodka

French brand Grey Goose Vodka introduced Altius, a limited-edition release inspired by the French Alps and crafted with precision. Distilled from French winter wheat and blended with spring water sourced from the peaks of the Alps. Altius is filtered at “sub-freezing temperatures” of -24 degrees Celsius, this vodka boasts a palate of alpine minerality, complemented by green apple aromas and an earthy undertone. This new expression is available in 700ml. and 1.75-L bottles were initially launched in European markets and are set to debut in select U.S. states come July.

“As the quintessential French vodka, it was an obvious choice for us to draw inspiration for our next great innovation from one of the most admired earthly wonders in the country,” said Master Distiller François Thibault. “For Altius, we worked to develop a liquid with processes reminiscent of the rare phenomena that naturally occur at high-altitude temperatures in the Alps, to bottle the glacial smoothness that the mountains are admired for.” (Source)

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