December was a big month for non-alcohol releases in anticipation of Dry January. Seedlip released the latest addition to its portfolio with Seedlip Notas de Agave and even White Claw got in on the action with its first 0% ABV seltzer. Other interesting releases from December included a soju product from E&J Gallo and a collaboration between Empirical and Doritos. Below is Park Street’s full product release recap from December 2023.

Spirit Of Gallo Added Soju To Its Fast-Growing Portfolio

U.S. spirits supplier E&J Gallo is set to introduce three flavored Soju to its portfolio, in collaboration with Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd., starting January 2024. This marks the supplier’s first entrance into the Soju category. This year’s releases include Soonhari, the original flavored Soju with options like Grape, Apple, Citron, Peach, Strawberry, Yogurt, and Apple Mango at 12% ABV. Chum Churum, a clear distilled spirit made from tapioca and grains, and Rich, with 20% ABV, caters to diverse preferences. Lastly, the zero-sugar Soju – Saero, offers a refreshing taste with a clean finish at 16% ABV.

“The Soju category doubled in the U.S. over the past five years, driven by accelerating consumer demand. The newest generation of drinkers has been driving the growth and is turning over the Soju category due to its variety, convenience, and accessible price point. We are entering the category at a pivotal moment with the strongest partner, and we look forward to capitalizing on this opportunity,” said Britt West, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Spirit of Gallo. (Source)

Còdigo 1530 Announced a New Cristalino 

Còdigo 1530 is introducing its latest innovation in the tequila and mezcal space: the Cristalino Reposado. Crafted with Reposado, aged in French White Oak Cabernet wine barrels, it combines its 6-year “Origen” Extra Añejo then finishes in French Cognac casks. Its unique maturation results in a balanced sweetness of cooked agave, complemented by notes of caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut, with a light cocoa finish that lingers on the palate. Available at retailers in the U.S. and select global markets offered at a suggested retail price of $89.99.

“Since we are a single NOM distillery (NOM 1616) we had the freedom and resources to create a completely unique Cristalino unlike any other on the market. We had a lot of fun testing different blends and finishes before declaring the Reposado and Extra Añejo blend as the winner,” said Federico Vaughan, Co-Founder and COO of Código 1530. “Our Cristalino measures up to the brand’s high standards of ensuring the essence of tequila always shines through with an authentic flavor profile and personality.” (Source)

White Claw Rolled Out a New Nonalcoholic Version

White Claw is joining the no and low-alc trend by unveiling its newest offering, a 12oz. can White Claw 0% Alcohol Seltzer. This collection features classic White Claw flavors, complemented by hydrating electrolytes. The lineup flavors include Black Cherry Cranberry, Mango Passion Fruit, Peach Orange Blossom, and Lime Yuzu. Each contains a mere 2 grams of sugar and 15 calories per can and is rolled out in a variety of 12-packs and single-flavor 6-packs.

“The industry is ripe for disruption as demand for flavorful, non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise, but current options like excessively sweet mocktails, bland waters, and near-beers are disconnected from what today’s adult drinkers want,” said Phil Rosse, President, Mark Anthony Brands Inc. “White Claw 0% Alcohol paves the way for an entirely new adult beverage. Our newest breakthrough completely reimagines the idea of drinking by delivering the first ever elevated non-alcoholic choice with the complex taste and feel of a real drink that only White Claw can deliver.” (Source)

Altos Launched a Range of Infused Tequilas

Pernod Ricard-owned brand Altos launches its newest expression, Altos Infusionado, to cater to modern tequila drinkers. This newly infused tequila is available in two different expressions: the Cítricos combines mandarin and lemon, while Café Natural is crafted with coffee, cinnamon, and traditional Mexican piloncillo. Altos Infusionado Cítricos and Café Natural are offered for $44. 

Chief executive at House of Tequila Pernod Ricard, Michael Merolli, said: “Since its conception, Altos has been steeped in the history of traditional tequila-making. “With Altos Infusionado, we’re taking everything we know about producing quality, 100% agave tequila to new heights both in terms of innovation and through our biggest campaign to date,” added Merolli. (Source)

Doritos and Empirical Teamed Up For a Nacho Cheese-Flavored Spirit

U.S. tortilla chip brand Doritos has entered the spirit industry with its latest collaboration with Empirical. Introducing the tortilla chip in a whole new way,  the two brands are rolling out the 42% AVB Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit, with a suggested retail price of $65. Crafted from a pilsner malt distillate base, this limited-edition spirit boasts a distinctive flavor profile featuring savory umami, corn tostada, and nacho cheese notes, all complemented by a subtle hint of acidity. Available in select New York and California markets and on the website.

“Empirical is an ‘uncategorized’ spirits company, so it allows us the freedom to experiment with really interesting flavors and not have to be stuck in a gin box or tequila box or whiskey box,” said Lars Williams, chef, distiller, and CEO of Empirical in the release. “We can take something that has a unique and amazing flavor, like Doritos, and evolve it into something completely new.” (Source)

Seedlip Released Notas De Agave

Non-alcohol spirit brand Seedlip continues to redefine the low- and no-alcohol space with its innovative offerings. The brand unveiled its latest portfolio addition: the Seedlip Notas de Agave. This expression is meticulously crafted with vibrant and warm-tasting notes, showcasing a brilliant blend of zesty lime, prickly pear, and agave flavors. Seedlip Notas de Agave will be available in the U.S. at select retailers with a suggested retail price of $32.99 for a 70-ml bottle. 

“Seedlip Notas de Agave continues our tradition of pushing the boundaries for what people can drink,” said Ben Branson, Founder of Seedlip.” We are constantly looking to provide people with elevated and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails without compromising on quality and taste. Seedlip Notas de Agave brings consumers a fresh take on classic cocktails such as the Margarita and the Paloma, offering a vibrancy that continues our mission to change the way the world drinks with the highest quality non-alcoholic spirits options.” (Source)

Milam & Greene Whiskey Introduced an Exclusive and Final Bottling of the Castle Hill Vintage Series Bourbon Whiskey

American whiskey producer Milam & Greene has introduced its Castle Hill Batch Three 15-Year-Old Bourbon to the market, the last and final release in its Castle Hill Vintage Bourbon Series. Crafted and distilled in Tennessee and then batched and bottled in Texas. This 57.25% ABV whiskey delivers a scent of cinnamon, maple syrup, cooked apples, and brown sugar. Available at select retailers and on the Milam & Greene website with a very limited release.

“Creating our oldest, rarest, and final batch for the Castle Hill Vintage Series has been a passion project for me,” said Heather Greene. “I select whiskeys at a young age and nurture them for many years before deciding when to use them. In fact, we kept these barrels in a warehouse in Tennessee to mitigate the evaporation before bringing them into the hot Texas summer heat. Once we brought them down to Texas, they spent just a few months in our warehouse before deciding they had to be vatted and then released. They wouldn’t have survived one more year here.” (Source)

SunBoy Launched a New Variety Pack

Alcoholic coconut water producer SunBoy announced the release of its variety pack, with four flavorful lines up. Packed with over two pounds of real fruit, this eight-can multipack features a new mango flavor alongside the existing original flavors of passion fruit, pineapple, and tangerine. The newest formulated flavor is made from Alphonso mango, with a rich and lively taste. This is the first variety pack of the brand with no sugar added and 5% ABV for 12 fl oz. 

“Our new variety pack squeezes the very best of SunBoy into one easy package,” said SunBoy Co-Founder, Yair Tygiel. “Not only are we offering a convenient and trial-friendly new format, we’re also including a fantastic new Mango flavor you can’t get anywhere else.” (Source)

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