EU Wine Labeling Requirements for 2023

The European Union has required food and beverage companies to include nutrition and ingredient lists on consumable product labels for decades, and until this year, the alcohol category has been an exception to that requirement. 

Beginning December 8, 2023, any wine product produced and/or bottled after that date and sold in the EU will be required to provide similar ingredient and nutrition information. 

Considering the additional information and existing requirements, after December 8, every wine label will need to include the following information: 

  • Alcohol content
  • Possible allergens 
  • Bottle size
  • Energy value (i.e calorie value)
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional information

The regulation applies to both European wineries and wines imported to EU member countries. 

While the information on alcohol content, allergens, bottle size, and energy value are required to be listed directly on the bottle, the EU will allow products to share the ingredient list and nutritional information digitally via e-labels rather than written directly on the label itself. 

Using a QR Code to Meet EU Wine Label Requirements 

An e-label is a website landing page hosted on the producer’s website or through a third party that includes the required information on ingredients and nutrition that can be accessed with a QR code printed on the physical wine label. However, there are strict requirements on how that page can be used. Below are the dos and don’ts of creating an e-label page for your wine bottle:


  • Include tracking analytics for visitors on your e-label page.
  • Include any type of promotion or marketing language on the e-label page.


  • Ensure you have translations for every language associated with the markets where it will be sold. 
  • Do create an e-label page for each vintage and bottle size of the product.

At this time the regulation does not apply to beer and spirits, but it is expected that they will be extended to both categories in the near future.


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