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Wine Trends: Higher Priced Wines Exceed Lower Priced Wines in Sales in H1

High priced wines increased in sales and have overshadowed lower priced wines in H1. As of June 16th, table wine price segments under $11 dollars lost share according to IRI.

Wines priced at $4-$7 dollars were the most affected with a decline of 2.6 percentage in all channels costing 1.5 dollars share points for the period. In the convenience store channel, there was a 3 percent growth but it did lose a full dollar share point.

The super-premium price segment of wines of 750mL between $11-$15 dollars saw an 8 percent sales growth and a large share gain of 0.8 share points in the last 6 months.

More gains and losses in H1:

Value ($0 – $4.50) segment decreased sales by 3 percent.

Popular ($4-$7) segment sales declined by 2.6 percent.

Premium ($8-$10) segment sales were up 2 percent.

Ultra premium segment ($15-$19) grew sales by 11 percent.

Luxury segment ($20-$25) grew sales by 11.6 percent.

Super Luxury ($25+) grew sales by 10.4 percent.


Source: Wine & Spirits Daily, July 2018