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Wine becoming integral part of Washington state culture

The state of Washington has slowly been embracing the wine culture over the past 40 years. The industry started in Spokane and grew from there. Beginning in the early 80’s there were only 30 to 40 wineries but at the time most people didn’t even know they existed.

According to Washington State Wine, the industry group that represents all licensed wineries in the state, there are now more than 900 wineries in the state. The 2016 growing season saw the state’s vineyards yield over 270,000 tons of grapes. Washington State University now provides study and research of wine at the graduate and undergraduate level. And most importantly, the wine tourism industry has exploded in the region as the craft movement has boomed and tourists look to try new and unique wines. The region has fully embraced the wine tourist culture, especially in Spokane, where the old world, food friendly region has fused perfectly with the classic and modern wine enthusiasts.

Source: The Pacific Northwest Inlander, May 2017