Club membership programs were once a boutique service for luxury products, but the rise of direct-to-consumer models now has many brands opting to implement club membership programs as a new way of engaging consumers.

Enter, Theresa Dorr,  a strategic relationship & business development leader known  as “the Queen of Clubs” for her extensive experience setting up club membership programs across multiple industries. Through her work with Vinoshipper and Activ8, Dorr successfully leveraged membership programs to drive brand growth in both tech and beverage alcohol. Now, Dorr joins the Park Street Insider Podcast to make the case for spirits brands to get started in this arena.

In this episode, Dorr will offer a roadmap for implementing a direct-to-consumer shipping program. She explains how the pandemic served as a foil to underscore the value of club membership programs, giving smaller brands a viable revenue stream. But beyond providing just monetary utility, listeners will also learn about how club membership programs can create additional value for brands by helping indoctrinate consumers into their culture.

Dorr will also cover the legal landscape of complying with cross-state shipping regulations.  She’ll also share her best practices for keeping consumers engaged and the best pricing models to use.

Episode Breakdown:

Dorr’s background – 4:16
How the pandemic changed the DTC landscape – 7:44
What are club programs? – 9:13
Strategies for setting up club memberships – 13:48
Considerations for cross-state shipping – 16:03
The value of membership programs – 20:30
Best options for pricing models – 30:53
How to market club memberships to consumers – 35:52

Key Quote:

“I want the consumer to ask questions and engage with us.  You get invested in us because you learn about the spirits makers and we get invested in you because we love the data and feedback. The club is really in part to engage on an ongoing basis:  letting people learn about you and come to care about you.”

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Theresa Dorr

Strategic Relationships & Business Development. Customer Experience (CX), Process Mgmt & Speaker

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode was recorded live at the ACSA Convention in July of 2022 as part of the Park Street Insider Podcast’s “What’s Trending” series.

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