Beverage alcohol distributors sit at the epicenter of a cluttered product landscape where, according to Mark Harmon of the Independent Distributor Network, “God isn’t making any more shelf space.” Distributors only have so much time and attention they can give to each spirits brand. What’s left is for brands to do everything in their power to make a compelling case that their products deserve to take up a meaningful share of a distributor’s attention.
Emily Pennington sat down with key figures at Southern Glazers, Breakthru Beverage Group, Skurnik Wines & Spirits, and the Independent Distributor Network at Bar Convent Brooklyn this month to discuss the current state of beverage alcohol’s second tier. This diverse cast of key wholesalers offers a window into how distributors are viewing and operating the market for spirits brands in 2024.
They’ll explore the evolving dynamics within distribution in the wake of the pandemic and uncover what distributors are looking for when considering a new brand partnership. They’ll also highlight the red flags that can derail a brand’s chances of securing distribution.

Featured Guests:

  • Ray Lombard,  Executive Vice President of Craft Spirits, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
  • John Oliver, Sr. Director of Supplier Business Development, Breakthru Beverage Group
  • Adam Schuman, Spirits Portfolio Manager, Skurnik Wines
  • Mark Harmann, National Sales Director, Independent Distributor Network
Mentioned in this episode:

Southern Glazers
Breakthru Beverage Group
Independent Distributor Network
Skurnik Wines & Spirits

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