We’re thrilled to release our Impact Investment seminar recorded at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2023. On the Park Street University stage, Emily Pennington sat down with some of the leading impact investors for a high-level discussion about what they’re doing to make a positive social impact while boosting their bottom lines in the spirits industry.

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Jomaree Pinkard, CEO & Managing Director, Pronghorn
Kamuti Kiteme, Managing Director – Inclusive Investment Programs, Distill Ventures
Maria Pearman, Principal, GHJ
Andrew Merinoff, CEO, Chinola & DisPact Ventures
Katie Dunn, Partner, Power to Pitch

You’ll hear critical insights from impact investors about:

The intersection of impact investments and mentorship

  • While some investors issue checks and track their investments from the sidelines, our contributors make a case for a hands-on approach to investing that builds sustainable long-term partnerships.

Balancing ROI and altruism

  • Impact investors from Distill Ventures and Pronghorn will always seek out talented individuals from underrepresented groups that are pushing boundaries and being innovative, but it’s essential that they see the proof points of a strong business as well. They’ll explain how they balance influencing positive social ecosystems while measuring KPIs for return on investment in a business.

Red flags for investment pitches

  • With decades of experience in this space between them, our panelists have seen the difference between brands that secure funding and those that don’t. Our panelists make the case for a hyper-focused approach to pitching investors that leaves no room for ambiguity about your goals and trajectory.

Mentioned in this episode:

Distill Ventures
Dispact Ventures
Power To Pitch

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