Traditional whisky-producing countries like the United States, Canada, Scotland, and Ireland currently account for 99% of whisky consumed in America. In his presentation from Bar Convent Berlin, Fred Barnet, President of Anthem Imports, makes the case for why that other one percent is bound to grow its share in the coming years. Barnet discusses why world whisky is an emerging category, which brands are doing the most to boost recognition of the category, and the considerations for the U.S. market.

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With the world whisky segment on the rise, even familiar markets around the globe are innovating. In this presentation from Bar Convent Berlin, Stephen Gould, Founder/CEO and Master Distiller at Golden Moon Distillery, discusses the emergence of American single malt and the rise of Irish and Japanese whiskey. Gould argues that whiskey producers must continue to adapt and innovate, but must also ensure to prioritize consumer education at every step.


One of the major challenges that world whiskies face in increasing their share of sales is reaching a wide audience from smaller markets. Anssi Pyysing, the CEO of Teerenpeli Distillery, has worked to develop the whisky category in Finland and, in this video from Bar Convent Berlin, he shares his tips for reaching a broad range of consumers. Pyysing shares why he believes that consumers are looking to be part of a great story and try new and interesting bottlings.

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