Going from founding a brand to selling it to a strategic acquirer in less than three years is an achievement worthy of celebrating. But for Mike Montgomery, founder of Blue Run Spirits, this milestone was only the start of the hard work. Now backed by Molson Coors, Montgomery is more motivated than ever to make waves in the trending bourbon category.

On this episode of the Park Street Insider Podcast, Andres Correa is joined by Blue Run Spirits founder Mike Montgomery to unpack how his brand went from launching in 2019 to becoming the first spirits acquisition by multinational beer supplier Molson Coors in just three years.

Key topics mentioned:

Adjusting to Acquisition:

  • Andres and Mike break down how Blue Run was able to leverage the traction it saw in the bourbon market into a sale with a multinational strategic supplier.

Modern Marketing Methods:

  • Blue Run Spirits took principles from the fashion industry to generate consumer excitement through limited releases and “drops”.  Every aspect of the brand was created with the consumer in mind, with a particular emphasis on diverse flavors and compelling aesthetics.

The Power of Team Building

  • When Mike set out to build Blue Run he handpicked teammates that would excel across every vertical of the company. His story is a reminder that surrounding yourself with good people and uniting behind a common goal goes a long way to fulfilling your vision.

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Mike Montgomery, Founder, Blue Run Spirits

Mentioned in this episode:

Molson Coors

Blue Run Spirits

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