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US Market for Australian Wine Continues to Grow


Bottle of red wine and corks on wooden table

The value of imported Australian wine has increased by $344 million; that’s four percent up from the previous year. As stated in Wine Australia’s latest Export Report, there is also a notable increase in the segment of premium brands being exported to the US. The export rate of wines valued at $10 Australian dollars and more per liter increased by 21%, one of the highest growth rates across all price segments. This suggests that American perceptions about the quality of Australian wines are improving. The average value per liter also increased, up by 12% to $2.25 American dollars ($2.93 AUD).

The market with the highest growth in Australian wine exports was China with an increase 51%, a value of over $364 million USD. This reflects China’s growing increase in imported wines. It also demonstrates the benefits of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.