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Updated Alcohol Regulations and Reduced Fees in New York

Barman make alcoholic shots in nightclub

Several alcohol regulations in New York were changed this past Wednesday.  Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed the updated legislation into law, stated, “We’re trying to be creative.  We’re trying to be entrepreneurial.”  Even with that in mind, however, his ultimate goal was to update laws that did not necessarily cater to smaller producers, wholesalers, and retailers.  On one side of the equation, suppliers will now be able to hold more than a single manufacturing license for one location.  Their sales people will also no longer have to pay a fee to obtain a solicitors permit.  In regards to the second tier, wholesalers in New York will have reduced licensing fees as well.  Instead of having to pay the same amounts as the large distributors, the new regulations will allow wholesalers who only sell to other wholesalers a low cost “importer’s license” of $125/year.  Furthermore, retailers should expect an increase in sales, as alcohol can now be served to consumers early in the day.  On-premise locations will be able to start selling alcohol at 10:00 AM versus the previous time of 12:00 PM.  The updated alcohol laws will help generate more business for all parties involved in New York’s alcohol industry.