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Update – Cognac prices all but guaranteed to rise in 2013

At a meeting in Cognac this week, we have received confirmation that some cognac distillers are being offered prices for cognac 22% above this year’s price. So far we understand that only Hennessy have made any offers, but it is certain that the other big houses, Martell, Remy Martin and Courvoisier will follow in order to protect their supplies for the market place.

Last January we saw prices go up by an average of 14%. If this year’s increase becomes the norm it will be a record, but will affect the younger cognacs far more substantially than the older ones, as younger cognacs are being sold in great volumes to the Asian markets.

At Brandyclassics we are constantly trying to keep a step ahead of the market, especially at the present time when demand for cognac is so high. We are able to buy forward to protect the price our customers pay – but sadly there are limits to what even we can do. We see further prices rises for cognacs inevitable, and indeed expect all French brandies, be it CognacArmagnacCalvados or Eau de Vie, to become more expensive in 2013.

Why buy Hermitage Cognacs?

The good news is that whilst cognac prices are increasing, Hermitage Cognacs are still much lower priced and of superior quality than any cognacs made by the big four houses. The message has to be, “Buy Hermitage Cognacs now” – superb value and quality go hand in hand at Brandyclassics.

Whether you’re looking for our one of our exceptional but less expensive award winning 10 year old Cognacs, or a rare luxury such as our Hermitage 1900 Grand Champagne Cognac, rest assured the Hermitage range has a Cognac to suit a wide range of  palettes and pockets.