With the U.S. opening back up, the demand for beverage alcohol in restaurants, bars, and tasting rooms across the country is increasing. Meanwhile, the global shipping industry is still experiencing a myriad of supply chain disruptions due to limited container availability, staff reductions, and adherence to health and safety measures, among other issues. The resulting global shipping crisis has meant delays, cancellations, rate increases, and overall volatility.

In the latest video from Park Street University, Adriana McKinnon, Park Street’s Director of Logistics, takes a deep dive into the disruption and gives advice on how to best prepare for the unknown as a brand owner. 

“The reality is we have to work in possible delays and possible congestion into our plans for importation,” explains McKinnon. Among the strategies to prepare and adapt to the disruption, McKinnon discusses planning shipments in advance, considering alternative routes, and air shipping.

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