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U.S. craft spirits entering a new expansion phase

The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) reported that craft spirits are growing at a rate close to 30% and have exceeded $3.7 billion in total sales. According to the Brewers Association, craft beer grew at 4% in 2018. Currently, there are over 7,000 active breweries in the US. PMMI claims that while the craft beer category is slowing down, the craft spirits category is entering a new expansion phase. Breweries are making the effort to diversify in order to stand out to consumers. They are introducing spirits at their locations and forming hybrid “brewstilleries”.  Craft producers are offering a variety of items such as roasted coffee, specialty teas, hard teas, hard seltzers, premixed cocktails, and canned liqueurs.

Source: Beverage Daily June 2019