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U.S. and UK Will Continue the Trade of Wine and Spirits

The trade of wine and spirits between the United States and United Kingdom will be uninterrupted when the UK leaves the European Union this coming March. Recently the US and UK signed an agreement to protect all Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, and wine, as Brexit began to put a threat on the trade of these beverages. American Bourbon and Whiskey will continue to be protected in the UK, and English Scotch and winemaking practices will be protected in the US. This is certainly a win-win situation, as the UK was the top export market for US distilled spirits, coming in at 187 million dollars last year. In addition, American whiskey exports at 667 million dollars in the EU. And, the UK was one of the largest export markets for the US wine products last year, valuing at 227 million dollars.

Source:, February, 2019