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More on TTB: Spirits Labeling, Compliance, and Tax Revisions to Come

labels 070716After 6 years of planning, the TTB has finally opened a commenting period that will soon evolve into a revision process for spirit regulations in the US.  Debates have already begun, as the public is able to respond to topics posted on the TTB’s website in an open forum.  Matt Hofmann, co-founder and master distiller of Westland Distillery, and an ACSA board of director’s member, confirms that the revisions will aim to modify labeling requirements and advertising terminology, decrease tax-rates, and better overall compliance regulations.  More specific topics to be discussed involving labeling include, the integration of a “Distilled By” requirement, defining and potentially even prohibiting using terms like “craft,” “small batch,” and “handmade,” and properly recognizing emerging categories such as American single malt whiskey and barrel aged gin.  With support from the TTB to initiate change, revisions to the spirit industry will be made in the near future.

Source: Eater