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TTB Proposal: New Labeling Regulations for Wine Made from Out-of-State Grapes/Wine

bottle with red wine and glass and grapes on a old stone

The TTB will accept feedback until August 22 on their proposed rule change over labeling requirements for in-state wines made from out of state grapes and/or wine.  In a nut shell, the new regulation will eliminate the current exemption, which “provides an in-state work-around for winemakers that purchase grapes from remote AVAs to indicate the source of their grapes and to provide consumers with accurate information about what is actually in their wine, no matter where the grapes were actually grown or ultimately fermented into wine.”  This change will surely alter the way many producers market their products.  Protecting AVA rights versus providing full disclosure is at the center of the debate.  The feedback deadline of next Monday means that a verdict on the proposal will be announced soon.

Source: Hinman & Carmichael LLP