TTB logo 021516Last week, the The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)  ruled on retail category management and tied-house laws. The results were quite surprising- the assessment of the ruling is that it provides retailers with more empowerment on shelf plans,  still without any events where suppliers or distributors providing value to the retailer. Many say that they are just trying to restate the usual, where the existing regulation still stands. And the intent, he says, is to “level the playing field.”

“With the increase in competition, maintaining that playing field really becomes vital, even more so than it was before,” Tom tells WSD.


Many Trade Groups do not know where they stand on this ruling, seeming as many are confused by the result or announcement really means.The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association and National Beer Wholesalers Association responded by advocating for increased awareness and evaluation of practices by those in the industry. “By citing the limitations of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act’s narrow, specific exceptions related to items of value, the TTB’s directive serves as a reminder to all industry participants and makes clear that certain aspects of proposed programs at retail exceed the intent of the exceptions allowed for by federal law,” per NBWA.

TAKEAWAYS. The timing of this suggests that trade organizations are pressuring the TTB to address the issue at hand. We will see what the future brings.



Source: WSD

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