With the mass transition to digital operations, it is more important than ever that beverage alcohol brands be in control of the data at their fingertips. In this video, Kim Nguyen, director of marketing for Speakeasy Co., explains the Top 5 most valuable reports brand owners can access free with Google Analytics including: 

  • All Traffic Report

The all traffic report provides insight on how the user discovered your website, how they engaged with it, and the conversion rate. Digging deeper into the engagement metrics in this report, you’ll see how much time a user spent on your website and the average number of page visits a single user goes through during their visit. 

  • Geo Location Report

Alcohol sales vary from state to state and can be difficult to understand without the help of the google platform. This function allows businesses to see where their customers are logging on from and how successful their efforts in different states have been. This insight can affirm the opportunity to expand when people are searching in new states. In addition, there are some states where a company may need to begin increasing their marketing efforts.

  • E-commerce Overview Report

E-commerce reports are more valuable than ever before now that the Covid-19 pandemic has normalized digital sales for . If your brand provides e-commerce services, it is important to toggle this function on in Google Analytics. This report provides: where consumers are purchasing, total revenue, average cart value, and conversion rate. In addition, you will know which products are your best sellers.

  • Devices Report

This report lets you know what devices customers are using to navigate the website. If conversions are higher with some devices than others, which will indicate the areas of improvement necessary on the site.  

  • All Pages Report

The all pages report breaks down the success of each portion of your website. It tells you where the traffic is being directed when a customer is online. Many brands may be interested in which portion of the website are most engaging and which are lacking attention. If this information is used correctly, it can be confirmed that the user finds their way to where the brand wants them to be.

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