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Top 10 craft spirits descriptions

A lack of clarity around the meaning of “craft” in spirits is proving meddlesome for producers big and small – here are some enlightening descriptions offered by leading members of the trade.

Over the past year or so, the prevailing topic of debate across the spirits industry has revolved around the meaning of what it is to be “craft”, “small batch” or “artisan”.

Consumers and smaller distillers alike have called large producers out for what they see as “appropriation” of the craft spirits identity. They argue that such firms do not have craft credentials, but use the term to “falsly” market their products.

However, big drinks groups have argued that they too can play a vital role in the sector, and that their products also involve hand crafted human contact, despite their scale of production.

The issue has become even more cloudy as multinationals snap up once independent, small batch producers at a rate of knots.

Meanwhile numerous members of the independently owned, small scale distilling community argue that a maximum production capacity should not be imposed at an official level since this may dissuade growth.

Amid competing and conflicting arguments around what craft spirits really are, we’ve rounded up some insightful descriptions from distillers, ambassadors and commentators across the breadth of the industry.

Click through the following pages to see our pick of the top 10 craft spirits descriptions.

Source: Spirits Business